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    have any of you who carry a 1911, or any firearm with a small magazine capacity keep a reload near by? and have you ever had the need to use it?
  2. Nope, I've been in 6 standup gunfights. The most rounds I fired in one fight was 4. Two with a shotgun, two with a .357.
    I once went to another dept for a school. A female Officer there was carrying a Glock. She had 4 mags on her belt. That was a total of 75 rounds!!! I can only guess that she thought Mexico was going to invade Texas(?)

  3. I would. I mean if you ever have to use it, God forbid, you just don't know how many shots you just might need. Better safe then sorry. Better to be prepared then not.

    I take it you're a police officer and have also had lots of training and know what the stress of having to use it is like. Personally, the common CCW carrier or civilian at home, might need extra ammo. Just my opinion though. I suppose if you train a lot or won't miss under pressure, you might not need extra ammo.

    And glad to know you made it out of those gunfights.
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    I've had some training myself, and though you can have alot of it it doesnt guarantee anything, it just improves your chances alot. You make a good point in the -plan for the worst hope for the best- so to speak.

    but to Mr. Franklin how many of the 6 stand up fights where close qtrs?
  5. JamesR I go by the "better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it" motto.
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    I carry a Para Ordinance Carry12 LDA .45 with 3 extra 12 rnd. mags. When Mexico invades Texas, a few of them might make it as far as Oklahoma. lol
    Better to have and not need than to need and not have.
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    I was wondering if I should carry my 2 extra mags when I start carrying my gun. I bought the extra mags to carry. I feel Ill never know what might happen so I might as well be ready for the worst.
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    i carry two extra 12round mags.i've been in a two situations where i have had to use my weapon and regardless of how well you shoot or what trainig you have knowing you have extra rounds too fall back on is comforting
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    Can't find ya on Google Mike?

    Six gunfights? Ya may well have bested Jim Cirillo?
  10. TXplt

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    In general, no. If I did, I think it might make me carrry less due to the extra effort and weight.

    Guess I'll slow the invasion down a little for ya Windwalker, and you'll have to take care of the rest :)
  11. We used to get into a lot of crap. Nearly every weekend we'd average taking 4 or 5 handguns off of people in fights and disturbances.
    How close was the distance? Well I have some permanant hearing loss but I didn't measure the inches.
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    In a combat situation,by not carrying enough ammo,you not only risk letting yourself down,you risk letting your unit/comrads down as well. sam.
  13. I carry a five shot snubbie. I have a speed loader in my briefcase, but I never remember to put it in my pocket.

    Modern gunfight = 3 feet, 3 seconds, 3 shots. Besides, you all will have them stopped by OK if not Texas.
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    I usually carry at least one extra mag. May (hopefully) never need it but who knows.
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  16. TACAV

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    If I have a double stack gun Ill 95% of the time have one spare mag. If I have a single stack gun Ill take 1 or 2.
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    Yes I carry 2 mags and extra ammo in the glove box also. and a good automatic sharp knife. You never know......
  18. When I'm carrying a 1911 or my S&W 4043 I carry an extra mag, but not when I carry anything else.
  19. captsquirrel

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    I always carry an extra magazine. I compare it to something my primary flight instructor told me. "The only time you can have too much fuel is when your on fire." Better to have it and not need it...
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    thats what I do too