Do you work with STUPID people?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 16, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok, after tonight I got to ask does everyone work with stupid people .. especialy management or is it just me? Come on we all got a tale to tell....

    Ill start... Tonight I get a telephone call...The security guard on duty found a sapisous package inside the building...forign post mark, no return address, poorly wraped, ELECTRICAL WIRes soldered around the outside...He follows the correct procedures..telephones his supervisions building manager ect...Great call good work ect.....welp some managers come up to figure out the suggestion was dialing 911...naw bad press..dont want to bother the police ect... so they put it in the dumbster..that way if it explodes it wont hurt the building...yep they CARRIED it to the dumpster....few min later super dummy #2 decides that since he's got a pocket knife and he has seen CSI on tv 4 guessed it...opens the box to see whats inside...thank good it was not a bomb...

    I rember as a yound Marine at 29 plams..I would watch EOD walk up to dud 250 pound bombs kick them and go "yep its a dud".

    Im wounder if God had a wait period for brains and some people just got turned down...:rolleyes: :nod:
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  2. MikeC

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    Bob, you don't work with stupid people, you work with MORONS!!

  3. Shaun

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    nothing new I think I work with several hundred of them and believe me the can't figure out the simplest of items at time
  4. wes

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    One guy I work with is a wannabe boss. I can do my job,and make my own decisions,but this idiot thinks I need to be told everything. I've tried sarcasm,told him to leave me alone,ignored him,and nothing seems to work. He's just bound and determined to be the guy in charge and he's the one that breaks the equipment all the time. Don't ya just love the "experts"?
  5. MangesMade

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    That's why they call them X perts. They used to be perts but now they're not even a pert. Oil Well, I sure do like my CZ.
  6. MangesMade

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    Oh, I forgot, I am the Boss, and the owner, Also the smartest and the most understanding. I was never a pert, so I couldn't be classed as an X pert. Oil Well, I sure do like my CZ.
  7. Tober

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    Doglips, sorry, I can do nothing but laugh, they are real morons!
  8. jerry

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    the people i work with aren't too bad, however i have customers, not all are bad mind you. nothing like being verbally and emotionally abused to squeeze the last nickle out of you.
  9. Big Dog

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    Yesterday, I had to go to the Federal Courthouse for jury duty. I was the first one there, as I always arrive early in case of traffic, etc. I go in, and of course here's the security dude and the metal detector. No problem, I left my Buckknife in the truck, and put keys and stuff in the tray, and step through. Not really surprised when it beeped. He had me raise the pant legs, okay - no ankle holsters. Stepped through again, BEEP! He says, "must be your shoes. Go on ahead, have a nice day." I could've had anything under my jacket.
    Worst part was wasting the whole morning with the jury selection, and didn't get on it. It was a Federal Firearms violations case, against a naturalized citizen of Arabic birth. With my interest in just this sort of thing, I would've loved to be in on that case! I guess the Judge didn't like it when I described myself as an "avid collector of vintage military firearms". Oh, well.
  10. Stewart

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    Doglips you have my sympathy, I would describe them as oxygen thieves.
  11. Mico

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    Darwin was right.
  12. PAPA G

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    also they tend to reproduce the species:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :nod:
  13. Doglips

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    Today its been a big joke at the 2 Mensa mebers..heheh..up for bomb squad team of the month....sad part is they kept saying waths the big deal it turned out not to be a bomb or anything...was computer disk... I am SO freaking tempted to put some plato wires and alarm clock in a box just to see how they would have reacted if they did find a bomb...I know major felony but I would love to have seen their faces if it had a bomb..or powder like amtrax in it.... course then the police would have had to slap them by law...or at least should be a law...
    Im just glad to know that peole like this are in charge...justafies me building a bunker heheheh
  14. Jesse

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    What ever you do don't even attempt to play that kind of joke. I say this because following the mail terrorist attacks several people played jokes on their co-workers with "powder letters". The Justice Dept. has charged everyone involved, joke or not... they are now facing real time in the Federal Pen; several people from my state were arrested in the months following Sept. 11th. It isn't even worth thinking about... I love a good joke, but this stuff is serious business. We'd hate to lose you off the Humor board to a silly prank!

  15. hooker

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    Yep doglips you are in a scary situation. Here is mine, and I beleive it will make you mad as well as it does me. I have never been in the service, but my oldest son is one of the FEW and the PROUD. I am working with a guy who is a chronic liar. He has a bulldog tattoed on his upper arm, with U.S.M.C. Now this guy claims to have been in the Marines in 1972, and turned 17 years old in Veitnam. He is 1 year older than me, and I will be 47 this June. He says he went into the Corps at the age of 16 and his parents sighned the enlistment papers. But everyday I catch him in descrepencies other than the ones that are obvious above. I do read a lot about the military and history. That with the things my son has told me, gives me a lot of insight on weather this guy is telling the truth or not. He lies all the time about it, and not just about that but everything. I think its a slap in the face of everyone who has ever worn that uniform of the splended force of the UNITED STATES MARINES. I just try to tune him out when he starts talking about his exploits. I have called his hand on it serveral times but he is so ignorant that he lies about his lies when he starts giving explanations. My son told me that some authentic Marines will get him down one of these days and take a K-BAR and skin the tattoo from his arm. By the way he is the foreman on our job site and has no clue about the work that is going on. So yes it is difficult to what a man has to do to put up with to make a living. But I would like to thank you for your service to our great country. God bless, and Semper Fi!
  16. jerry

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  17. jerry

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    then there is the break issue:nod:
  18. jerry

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    don't get hurt on thr job
  19. vodkazombie

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    Mr. Hooker,
    Sucks about those wannabe gy-rines. I run into them every once in a while.

    About 6 years back, I'm sitting in local watering hole, located directly across the street from where I live. In comes a guy I knew from high school. Some navy types are playing pool, just kicking back, having fun. The knucklehead from my school days is wasted. He starts talking about how he was a marine sniper in the Gulf and his "confirmed" kills.

    I knew it was BS. This guy inspected underground storage tanks for a living and was lucky to have a job like that. He never graduated high school, and was something of a bully. I think he was simply emotionally sick, and was looking for attention. Anyways, the navy guys were nice folks, I vaguely knew one of them; he worked on refrigeration systems. I only remember this because my uncle had a similar position in the navy.

    So the knucklehead keeps motoring his mouth, and its obvious to me that he's looking for a confrontation, attention, or again, he's just sick. The proprietor throws him out, and on his way out, he throws the bar flap up (the thing you flip up to get behind the bar) knocking glasses off of it and making a huge commotion.

    I desperately wanted to trash him. Instead, I sat quietly the owner was a marine (I never say ex-marine, I know better) and the moron ended up sitting in a holding cell at the local state police barracks.. I heard he got community service and a black eye for his BS.

    I really don't know much about the Marines, honestly. My brother was a crew chief on a CH-53, and did a lot of travelling. He's my hero.
    Anyway, he sells helicopters for Sikorsky now and the last time I saw him was in Vegas when I was out there for Shot Show(I was working for a law enforcement ammo distributor) a few years back, and he was attending a convention at the Las Vegas Hilton. We're 5 years apart in birth, and has a family and kids.. so time is precious.

    I called him up at his hotel room.. having heard from my mother that he was in town. We went for sushi, and he having spent a few years in Iwakuni, Japan, knew a lot more about it than I did. I hadn't seen much of him since his years in the 'Corps. Boy, they are gentlemen, that much I will say. I thought back to the incident at the bar when that guy was running his mouth, and trying to imagine a guy like my brother doing that. It would never happen!

    I think about all the class acts I've met in my life. Guys like Don Burgett, Jacques Cousteau, Frank Zappa, George Burns, Tom Burczynski, and Delaware Senator Bill Roth. I try to emulate those guys. I have my stories..

    But life is so precious. And short. That wannabe marine.. well, some people just don't have remarkable lives. Some people who have had remarkable lives would trade their experiences with someone who went quietly and politely throughout.. and pursued happiness. Because I'm sure that if even Audie Murphy had to do it all over again, that if he were given a choice, that he'd have rather been a supply sergeant or a school teacher, rather than sleeping with a loaded 1911 and haunted with post-traumatic stress.

    So instead of skinning that man, I recommend that he seek therapy instead. Maybe the wretch could salvage what he has and make something out of himself.

    Sorry to run off at the mouth.

  20. Doglips

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    The sad part of wan a bees is that they pop up all over and seem to have served in every super duper job ther ever know the ones who go on and on like this
    "Well I was a recon marine who served with the seals when I was attached to special forces after my stint in rangers. but left that to join the forign leagon when I got out of the corps at age 12 (if you do the math on with their birthday) and then retired at age 17 from them after 2 zillion confirmed kills with just my e-tool...headed the local swat team..cia..fbi..batf ect...and right now Im just relaxining while I work at this (were they work now) dead end job untill the pentagon gets me off the stratigic arms list"
    Me I just laught and think man your life must realy suck to have to make this stuff up...I meet some good people while I served...some not so good people...I meet good people now and some I dont think got their head screews tightned odwn to the proper torq settings...
    This might be my observation...but have you ever noticed that the number of stickers, t-shirts, tattooos ect are inversley related to the amount of time someone served....20+ yr people have a small sticker and maybe a licence plate...someone who got tossed out after boot camp (for any branch) seem to have more sticker t-shirts ect all over the place...
    Finaly I know that when I run into someone who has been their and done that we thend to have known common people or knowledge of the schools..physical locations design ect...that we tend to uses as proveing ??...weeds out the weirdos...Like if someone says they were with 8th Marines..then they would have been stationsed at Camp Giger and not Camp Lejeune proper (Giger is a satalight base) or if they say Recon...were you Force recon (Main Side) or Recon Battalion ( Onslow beach) Im sure the Army Navy and Air Forece people have simalar ?? they ask... Oh if you meet any "snipers" ask them how they climb trees....if they roll their eyes and go snipers dont climb trees (Hard to escape from a tree quickly once you shoot at a large group of heavely armed (enemy) people... if they go we use ropes..gaffs and tell them you were in the 205th Marine division....:)