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Discussion in 'Optics' started by SwedeSteve, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Anyone have any experience with these sights ??
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    I have not used them but i know that several people have used them on top of or with a 1 O'Clock offset rail on their M4s, to use as short range optic when they are using a 4x ACOG as their primary optic. Seem to work well.

    Some people put them on their handguns as well. Just makes them a little more bulky and you no longer have a rear sight.
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    I have no experience with them but have heard that they are a quality optic.
  5. I have several models of Docter Optical scopes on various rifles. They are robust top-quality optics. They are German made by the Docter Company. They are noticeably heavier than comparable models by others. They were pricey but some have become available on the US market at a more reasonable cost. ...... Big Cholla
  6. SwedeSteve

    SwedeSteve Freedom Zealot Forum Contributor now sells their holo-sight and leaves the scopes and binos to Germany.
    DocterUSA is in FLA I believe and sell and services their competition holo-sight red dot. I have come into one and am trying to locate the manual. I have had no reply yet from them on this matter. Their website is rudimentary at best, and offers almost nothing in way of information !! They are rapidly gaining a name in IPSC and I believe 3 gun as well.
  7. Swede, I don't have any personal experience because of how much they cost. If I had the cash, didn't need or want anything else, I would buy one because they are a great high quality red dot (if that's the one you're talking about that is?). And, to be honest, there are others that in my book, are just as good and cost much less...
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    Well, I picked this one up used and its going on a pistol when I get the mount adapter. I need the Weaver rail adapter and they are out of them at the moment. They are so small compared to the others, and I love the fact that there is no on/off switch. Just the act of raising the gun up turns it on !!
  9. Good choice and congrats Swede.

    I don't have the money for a Dr. Optic. I plan on just getting one of these. Tiny and very light weight. And it's going to be mounted on my 6" barreled Taurus Tracker chambered in .17HMR.


    I know how some people feel about this brand. But I've had good luck and after checking it out at a local gun shop, it'll work perfect for the above.

    Again, congrats. And please, be sure to update the thread with pictures after you get it mounted. I'd love to see how it looks.
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    Still waiting on a mount. I have an NCStar red dot mounted on my AK and I love that thing !! It is what I was going to put on my Ruger Mk III until I stumbled onto this optic. I have not seen the one you linked to. It looks like it is about the same size as the Docter, and the only difference I can see is the on/off switch !! I may look for one of those to go on another pistol as I surely can't afford a new Docter.
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    Now I am trying to find out if the Burris FastFire bases will work for the Docter. I read online that they are compatible. I've emailed burris, but no reply yet.