Doctor Zhivago

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  1. A movie with a bunch of Russians riding around with guns. Wonder how many of them were caring Mosin Nagants.
  2. mdj696

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    mosin nagants

    One of my favorite movies. All of them were.

  3. Ken in Iowa

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    Except for the ones with Mausers.

    I saw some 91/30 hooded front sights. Too bad the movie was set a few years prior to that..

    Good show regardless of the errors.
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  5. i remember staying up late watching this movie before i left for a school camp. Memorable for all the wrong reasons... had an ulcer in my mouth... out to dinner... 3 days later my father had an 8 hour drive to come and get me... i had chicken pox...
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    I loved Lara. What a great roll for Julie Christie to play. One of my favorite movies of all time.

    My Wife's Grandparents were Germans from Russia and I remember her Grandfathers telling stories of the times in Russia during this period in History. They emigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900's.

    You'd have thought they moved to heaven to hear them talk. Well I guess they did actually.

    Among the old corps they still speak German but only speak English in public and there are no Rauchen Verboten signs to be seen. All business is done in English and it has always been that way.

    They are good folks and worked their little hoofies off to be a success in America.

    Back to the Movie, I will never forget the field of daffodils depicted there, it was simply beautiful as was the overall filming of the movie, which for the most part was filmed in Canada.

    I strongly recommend the Movie.

    Best wishes, Bill
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    another good Mosin film is Reds
    Reds (1981) - IMDb

    check out this entry in the trivia page...

    While filming on location in Finland, Warren Beatty encountered several problems with the local authorities. It turned out that Finnish authorities had been asked by the Soviet Union to make shooting this film as difficult as possible, which, in order to keep good relations with their much larger neighbor, they agreed to do.

    both movies suck imho. i only watched each 1 time.
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    Reds was one of the most blatant anti American propaganda movies I have ever encountered. The same negative message over and over.
    Dr Zhivago is so long I have never been able to sit through it.
    Russian history is rather boring to me I could really care less. I love mosin nagants because they are cool, they are Russian/Soviet and they are HERE.
    I like haveing the military weapons of our former enemys in my home (just for my entertainment)