Dodge truck with built in gun rack

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Brandhard, Aug 14, 2010.

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    i remember a few years back Chevy offered a gun storage unit in their Suburbans. it was at the rear with a locking lid.

    i wonder if this will be pry bar proof.


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    I bet crooks wouldn't think of breaking into those...
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    I definitely liked what I saw. Especially that the storage box was flexible for multipurpose uses. Naturally, I was concerned about how difficult it would be for a perp to break into that box. A perp who knew what normally was stored inside the thing might go to extremes to tear into the cabinet.

    Also, I wonder if auto insurance would cover any losses in case of a wreck or theft? Those items inside the box that were damaged...or stolen... might be excluded, and losses that were incurred would need to be covered elsewhere, just as they are now when/if I am carrying guns inside my vehicle trunk, etc.
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    neat idea but takes up too much cargo space. I remember in I think the early '80 s Dodge had s truck package that came with a voucher for a Winchester 94. a friend of mine bought one.
  7. Kinda odd that a compony that sold out to the Federal government is putting in a gun rack in there trucks.
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  8. Unfortunately, one side impact accident, obviously on that side, if your firearms are in it they're done for. If not scattered on the roadway with road rash. Another possibility is if some were to get ejected or just come out, they'd probably disappear. If not then, while it was being impounded.

    Yea, I know, sorry, it's the pessimist in me. lol

    But I do like it. They just took the fender tool storage they came out with a year or two ago and upgraded or converted it for firearm storage.
  9. I wonder how airtight that compartment is. I would like to see how it holds up to a lot of mile on South Dakota county roads while out Prairie Doggin.
  10. They would just steal the whole truck!
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    I would worry about stuff going missing also, Plus you can't put a camper shell on it. If they made that so it opened from inside the bed I would like it a lot better. Plus it would not be as obvious to undesirables.
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    Being a fan of Dodge I have to say I won't own one again or Chevy for that matter. Not until every penny they took as a hand out is repaid.

    One of my old co-workers had a gun safe that fit behind the seat if his pickup truck 87' chevy. It bolted down to the floor and the rear of the cab and could carry two long guns that had clamps to hold them in place to prevent movement from bumpy roads. You could also carry a few handguns in it as well. I loved the idea and wanted to get one when the funds were available but I guess they were not a big seller and the company went out of business when I finally had the money.
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    Got a Dodge Ram and a Jeep Wrangler, sorry, Mopar or no Car.