does any body know anything about this?

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    saw a you tube video where a guy put a 22 pellet gun pellet in his 22 rifle and pushed a nail gun 22 blank in behind it. he got very fast ft. per second and accuracy at 25 yards. i cant understand why the pellet didnt strip out and the nail gun cartridge didnt hurt the gun as it is so powerful. anybody ever see anyone do this? is it dangerous? seems to me it would be but what do i know?
  2. runfiverun

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    it works.
    those nail gun blanks come in different strengths so you can adjust up and down.

    but what they really are, are 22 caliber cases crimped over on the nose with varying charges of powder.
    some just have more priming compound, some as much as 2 or even 3 grains of powder.

    you can mimic the 22LR thing by using a small pistol or small rifle primer in a 223 case and a 22 cal pellet.
    the hard part is loading the pellet straight in the 22LR's barrel to maintain good accuracy.
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  3. runfiverun

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    oh.. as far as it not stripping out.
    well a pellet is lead, a 22 bullet is lead.

    the twist rate on your average 22 LR is like 16 in one, not the standard 10 to like a 30 cal rifle has.
    this puts less rotational stress on the sides of the bullet.

    the barrel already had a little lube laid down in it or the shooter used a coating type lube.
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    Seems to me if someone has done this or tried it then it would have to be a 22 short single shot rifle. Maybe a bolt action. Also seems that the crimp would open upon firing and expend inside the back of the pellet if pushed against one another.
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    Sounds like a good way to get hurt or ruin a gun.
    No thank you. Guys brag about putting a Hilti shot in their lineman's pliers and dropping it on the floor to discharge. Never seen it. Don't want to.
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    Took this off the net:
    22 caliber pellet is no longer the same diameter as a . 22 rimfire bullet, nor will a rimfire barrel work well for pellets. The rimfire barrel is sized 0.222" to 0.223" across the grooves, while the airgun barrel is sized 0.217" to 0.218".

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but accuracy @ 25 yds I doubt very much. I'm an avid air gunner and it can be difficult to keep even a 3/4" grouping at that distance. And once you get over around 1000 fps, pellets start to lose a lot of accuracy.
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    There as many ways to improvise firearms as there folks that need to. For strictly defensive actions, there is no great need for accuracy. An end mill cutter, run in a 22 LR chamber will yield a barrel that will accept a .25 caliber Hilti blank and a .224 dia. HPBT bullet, yielding a very accurate, powerful, short range weapon... Just sayin'

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  9. runfiverun

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    pellets have base skirts that swell up to fit the barrel same as a hollow base wadcutter in your average 38 special.

    22LR's are heeled bullets.
    as in there is a step in the base of the bullet.
    they swell up and fit the barrel, otherwise your get gas cutting and barrel leading up the ying yang.

    anyway the pellet works because of the bump up of the base, and because the soft lead slumps as the base is pushed into the front of the bullet, this swell everything outward to fit the barrel.
    black powder paper patched bullets and some others work on the same principle.

    anyway the accuracy is affected by how straight the pellet is started.
    start it crooked,, it bumps up to fit the barrel crooked and doesn't fly quite right.

    this is all simple stuff a bullet caster deals with.
    unless they are just pooping their stuff down the bore fast enough to make a hole in the paper.
    start pushing the envelope and it suddenly becomes one of those things you figure out how to accomplish real quick.
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    In a way I agree but there are a lot of variables when it comes to airguns however it is possible and sometimes you just get lucky and get a really good one that works well. This is a 3 shot group that I shot from about 30 yards from an elevated rested position using the same poa with standard copperhead plinking pellets in my Crossman F4 NP2 1000 fps break barrel a sloppy but consistent trigger :) . As you can see all the pellets exited nicely. I did toss the object it was on it and upgraded it with a cvlife 3_9x40 that I spent a couple hrs playing with and siting it in until I decided I was satisfied with it & I probably went a little overboard with it but I'd say it shoots rather well. No in comparison I also have an old Daisy 881 variable power pump carbine that I've been dragging around 4 twenty-some years that I just can't talk myself into getting rid of and even at 20 yards I can't keep the silly thing on a paper plate but yet it's still here ...

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