Does anybody use RB-17 and Corrosion X on their guns???

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  1. Am I the only one that uses that combination?
  2. Never heard of it Jack.

    What is it, specifically, where do you get it, etc?

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    Me either,what's it do?
  4. i've heard of corrosion-x but not rb-17 and havn't used 'em.

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    I use Flitz metal polish and Flitz gunwax...comes out bee ute tee full! :right:
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    21 the Russians uses on the Mosins....comes in a bar like soap...melt it and pour it all over...put it on realy rust for years too come....course takes a day or to of hard work to get engough of the stuff off just to free the action....:)
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    I found brake cleaner to work good getting off cosmoline,'course you need about a case of it per rifle.
  8. I've found that boiling water makes short work of cosmoline on parts small enough to put in a pot of boiling water, the bore and reciever are a different story, for them it only works to break up or soften the cosmoline enough to allow hoppes or what ever you like to use to clean it off.
  9. Yeah, thats what I thought. Lets all get on the same page. Here it is; www.rb not working .
    RB-17 good for in and outside of gunmetal.
    Corro tobecontinred
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