Does anyone have a .44 special?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dgray64, May 2, 2008.

  1. dgray64

    dgray64 G&G Newbie

    I'm thinking about getting one. It's a heavier round than a .38, not as potent as a .357. Still concealable, and the recoil isn't bad. What brands do you have? Anyone have a Charter Arms? I'm looking.

    Dave :feedback:
  2. alaskamonte

    alaskamonte Suspended

    Pocket Sized?

    I've had several of the Charter Bulldogs but they wear rapidly so sold them. Next were a pair of S&W 696s which both were returned for warranty repair because the thin barrel at the forcing cone opened up like a funnel!

    The Ruger SP101 in 9mm or .357 is a work horse, take a look at one!

  3. dgray64

    dgray64 G&G Newbie

    Thanks, Alaskamonte,

    That is the kind of info I wanted. I love trying new guns and calibers, but hate getting something that doesn't last or has a lot of problems. Have a great day!

    Dave :09:
  4. rfc357

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    I have a couple of pre-WWII .44 Special Smiths. They are fine, durable guns, very accurate, but not the most concealeable.
  5. TXplt

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    I've a relatively new Charter Bulldog (a little over a year old). Conceals fine, is very accurate, and is quite a powerhouse.

    Out of the box, the DA trigger was awful. SA is fine. Pistol is "rough around the edges," but the blued/black finish has worn well. Grips absorb recoil well, and is in general a good knock about carry piece.

    Now the bad news: had it fail after about 500 rounds -- the screw which pushed the cylinder pin out to open the cylinder failed. This locks up the gun, because it thinks it's open. Customer service from Charter was first rate--they cleaned up the DA trigger even and fixed it quickly. Put a couple hundred rounds thru it since then with no problems. I don't know how it'd wear for a great deal of shooting; for a carry piece or a "carry alot, shoot somewhat" I think it's great. Light weight as well.

    I also have an SP-101 and consider the ruger bulletproof--very strong gun and will last forever with whatever you stoke it with. The .357 is great--they also make a 327 if it catches on with an extra shot. If I was going to do alot of shooting, I'd buy the ruger.
  6. jackar

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    Have three, a Charter Target Bulldog 4" barrell, a 2nd Generation Colt 7.5" barrell and a Ruger Old Model, 5.5" barrell in .44 Magnum which I shoot .44 Specials in. I'd rate the Charter as adequate, the Colt overpriced for what you get, and the Ruger the best. The .44 Special was Elmer Keith's favorite until the .44 Magnum came along. It's a very versatile cartridge, either loaded light to factory specs or heavy like the Keith load, a 250 grain bullet @ 1200 fps. You won't go wrong on this caliber.
  7. neophyte

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    dgray: Sir; with a Ruger Super blackhawk; you can shoot anything that you want in .44:) With a Ruger Redhawk .44 you can shoot anything that you want in .44
    Differances; Super Blackhawk is Single action only:) ?Cowboy? style
    Redhawk is double action:) More modern; with lengths to go:)

    Rugers over build and for "us" that is a blessing.
  8. Have had a Charter Arms Bulldog for many years but shot very little. It lives in my wife's kitchen where she has easy access to it. So far so good!


  9. TWO Smith & Wesson's had weak barrels that umbrella'd out?? If you'd a bought a Taurus, you'd still be shooting it. ;)
  10. Arkiemike

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    I keep a Charter Arms Bulldog 44 (old, but in exc. condition) in my truck. It has the "bobbed" hammer and Pachmayr "gripper" grips. I use 185 gr HP's, and my wife can handle it easily. With the lighter bullets, the muzzle flip is a lot less, and a second shot is possible. Never had any function problems and it is concealable when wearing a light jacket or sweater.
  11. alaskamonte

    alaskamonte Suspended

    OK You Win!

    I'll buy Taurus (which model?) if they make a small to medium frame .44 Special that'll hold up to Keith loads!:kiss:
  12. okami515

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    like mine in a charter arms bulldog, older model with 4in barrel. shoots nice and is easy to conceal
  13. dgray64

    dgray64 G&G Newbie

    What kind of value would you put on a used one: Taurus; Charter Arms; Ruger or S&W. I watch the internet sales and most are priced high. I do have my normal gun seller looking for one, but I'm not sure what I ought to be paying. Thanks for the additional info. I've been out plinking with my .22s today as the ammo is so much cheaper at least for playing.

    Dave :09:
  14. neophyte

    neophyte Wonderment :) Forum Contributor


    dgray: Sir; you are in the middle of the ?Single Action? firearm shooting in this country. Look @gunshows, pawn shops and shooting events. Maybe even ask your neighbors.
    Ruger Single Action used; .44 $275.00-+++++ depending [Super Blackhawk}
    Ruger Double action used $350.00-++++++ depending {Redhawk, Super Redhawk.}
    Length- up to and in some cases 10"
    Blue or Stainless.
    Ruger offers a broad spectrum.

    I happen to like Rugers; and know nothing about SW or any of the others.

    .22's are the "Best" bang for your buck. Many an hour for pennies enjoyment.

    Ruger will cover your needs with 22's as well

    Follow up with more of your thoughts
  15. Theodore

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    I carry the old model charter 44 and It does the job for me...concealable, poweful enuff, and you got to remember that It is a lifesaver not a plinker.. They will not hold up to heavy use, hot loads etc but when used sensibly they will stop an assaillant and save your bacon.