Does ruger make a mini14 left handed model

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    I am wondering if ruger makes a mini 14 left handed model Being a southpaw it is hard to find quality firearms for a good price. If ruger doesn't make a left handed mini 14 can you tell a company that makes a semi auto assault weapon in the mini 14 price range?
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    No such thing as an assualt weapon. If you use a weapon and asualt somebody ohhhhhhhh I forget what i was thinking

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    Well it would be a bit above, but Stag Arms is known for making quality lefty AR-15's..same caliber, said to be more accurate than a mini 14. But it will run you a bit more than the ruger. If you're really looking for quality though, its worth saving your money to get something that will last.

    Lefty Rifles

    Those are all left handed AR-15's from Stag Arms.
  4. Ruger makes a mini-14 but I DO NOT believe they offer them in a south paw version/model...

    Stag is the only manufacturer that makes a "TRUE" lefty version. You can get an AR style in .223/5.56 or 6.8spc.

    And by the way, the Ruger Mini 14 MSRPs for $1035 and you can get a lefty Stag for about $900. The MSRP for one is $989, for the Stag 15L model 1L preban. And you can get them for less.
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    Semi-auto assault rifle? Doesn't exist. Mainly because in order to be an assault rifle, it must be fully auto. As for the lefty, so far as I know, very few weapons are made for lefties. Glad I'm a righty:D
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    A tighty righty that is, LOL !