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    Like most people I keep my resume handy and send it out frequently in search for more $$..However I dont seem to get many replys. I thought you all could revieew part of it and give advise.

    Work History:

    1. Tactical Advisor to Gen. Cuter
    2. Fire Safty officer Zeplin Hindenburg.
    3. Port Lookout HMS Titanic.
    4. Polical Correctness Consultant to A. Hitler and Joseph Stalin.
    5. Tactical planing officer ALL special milatary opperations for President J. Carter.
    6. White House Ethics and Morality adviser to President Clinton.
    7. Public Relations advisor to Jannet Reno/BATF.
    8. Humor coach/consultant to Al Gore.
    9. Director of Marketing K-Mart.
    10. Lead enganeer/designer Firestone Tire Corp.
    11. Director of Airport Security Argenbright Security Corp (until 09/12/01)
    12. VP of Ethics Enron Coperation.
    13. CFO World-Com.
    14. Director of Forest Management, Dept. of Interor.

    I just dont understand why someone with my qualafacation cant find a job man...go figure.:p
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    You know, this site does have spell check now ...
    I count 14 misspelled words and 1 clear punctuation error. Or, were those supposed to be part of the joke?
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  3. Doglips

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    Tried the spell check..but the wite out filled up the screen...took an hour to scrape off and the words were still wrong.
  4. Eric

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    Great joke...but I think the white-out joke was even more funny. I still think you deserve the humor award!
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    It's all about the pentiums, baby!