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Doglips Work leassons.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Had a BAD day at work yesterday...took today off after I found out that state and federal inspectors had called the big dudes and started asking ??...may want to be sendign out resumes...but I learned some important lessons.

    Ill give a little lead in....Our big boss employees seveal of her family members..despite it violateing company policy...generaly not big deal but her son has become a royal I put on my white hat and rode to the rescue of the supervisors under me who have been complaiing (ok too many john wayne movies) ....and confronted her. Now its a race who gets canned first me or her...I aint betting on her being first. It does feel good to quit turning the other cheek and smack back...bright no, wise no, the right thing to do...I think so.

    1. Speaker phone speaker phone speaker phone...when being threatend by a boss over a telaphone..noting calms them down faster than a speaker telephone echo as their treats are heard all over the office.

    2. Employee hand it..keep it...send copies of specific pages as needed.

    3. Document....even when happy...a few notes in a happy file about who burried what and why make for intersting reading. Its good to know were the bodies are buried but its so much better to have documents proveing who burried them...and easyer to fax than rumors.

    4. When you are feeling stressed out at work and feeling blue...nothing brightens the office mood like state and federal investigators comeing in for a visit..holding the fax you map of were the bodies are.....

    5. You are very a kamakazi piolt you may start the day surranded by people cheering you on and offering to help...but once you take off it is you and you alone...its amazing how fast the support fades in to the background when you start the attack.

    6. Once you not half step....go all the way...if your going to get taken out you might as well enjoy the ride....attacking on all fronts..make the calls, faxes leters all arrive at the same get just as fired for a small attack as you will for a major campain incoorperating all known methouds.

    7. Surprise is your friend SHUT UP, Keep your plans quiet...I failed this part (a spy was amongst the disgruntled)....a surprise attack is best. If ambushed you have nothing to for effect and keep on the attack.

    8. Rember initaly the enemy will bunch togeher for mutal support..once your efforts begin to creat casulties they will just as quickly turn on eachother in an effort to save their own hides.

    9. Have you faxed a resume today...better to have a job in your pocket (see surprise) and ambushhed.

    10. Nothing gets goverment inspectors attention like names, dob, ssn and detailed descrition (with state statue reffrences) of violations.....winney stuff gets tossed...easy to verafy stuff gets prompt respnses ( I seen a 30 min response time today).

    11 Managements retalation is an area weapon...not a persission guided bullet....the retalation will take out several workers..both true targets and collateral damage...the best protection is surprise.

    12. Battle damage assessments of how well your attecks went will travel slower than news of management retaliation....rember management will be able to repair some of the damage that you have created and may/or may not be able to get their career ships back to a safe on the other hand are in an inflatable raft in stormy seas....any hope of returning to your original work place and assignment is a passing fantasy....even if you some how navagate the stormy are marked and trust me on this NO ONE will let you know were anything good or bad is....even the location of the coffee pot will be conidered need to know bases and you no longer need to know.

    13. Get all your documentation out of the office prior to the attack. Once in access will be denied...files moved and that secret stash missing....better a copy at home.

    14 Finaly, You companies competorts will cheer the distruction of the evil will be toasted and called a hero by your competors...but you will not be callled for a one likes a disloyal piggie....even if your disloyalty helped them out.

    Welp thats it for now..Took the day off chilling out..big bosses are decideing my fait, doing the confrence call thing and dealing with lots of questions about company policy, state and federal law violations, and what wisel blower protection laws apply to my case....the funny part is that all this bs over a $10 per hour job..salery no OT...not like this sudden end of the career path is going to make the news...nor am I that at this level are plentyfull and even unemployment pays only $100 less every 2 weeks than I make I might just take 6 months off and wine about the economy.
  2. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Good for you Doglips,I always go down fighting till they kill me,then I'll come back and still make problems. I figure you can't always beat 'em,but,if you can make them spend money defending themselves,you have at least hit 'em in the pocketbook,cause that's what they REALLY care about.

  3. dave375hh

    dave375hh G&G Newbie Forum Contributor


    If you get a hint of when the axe might fall, take a lawyer to work! That really gets their attention. It will pucker all of them up big time. You may as well have some fun with it. Fight dirty it's fun to play their game, after all they made the rules.

  4. Lenny2

    Lenny2 Guest


    Good Luck! If there's a God, I hope he's with you!
  5. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Florida Employment Law: Management
    Employment Law: Management
    Business owners today must be more aware than ever of the legal aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Employment law covers a wide range of issues, such as discrimination, safety, unemployment compensation, wages and workers’ compensation. Even the seemingly simple determination of who is an employee under the law can be tricky, and mistakes can have serious and costly consequences.

    Just as varied are the sources of employment law. A Florida employer’s employment question may be answered by the United States Supreme Court, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Florida Supreme Court, federal administrative agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or state administrative agencies such as the Florida Department of Labor and Employment Security.
    This chapter will survey some of the major aspects of employment law with the exception of workers' compensation which is covered exclusively in the Workers' Compensation Defense Law Chapter.
    Whistleblower Protection
    “Whistleblowerâ€￾ is the term used to describe employees who report criminal or civil violations committed by employers. Generally, an employer is prohibited from retaliating in any way against an employee, applicant or other person disclosing information about the employer’s wrongdoing. For example, if an employee acts in good faith and reports suspected illegal activities to the employer, a governmental agency or law enforcement officer, the employee may not be fired. Employers who retaliate against whistleblowers subject themselves to civil liability. Available forms of damages include an injunction against further retaliation, reinstatement of a terminated employee, compensation for lost wages and compensatory damages.
  6. Doglips

    Doglips G&G Newbie

    Now Im kinda hopeing to get canned...I can just imagin my self running naked through the gun stores...hay its a big company 250,000+ employees they got $$$$ and I got my if this were Calf and not Florida I'd probly be able to file a suit for violating my karma sence of self worth and some other tuchy feel stuff:)
  7. wes

    wes G&G Newbie

    Also claim mental distress,(we'll vouch for you on this),and whiplash from your office chair.
  8. I learned it the hard way, but had fun too

    Hang in there Doglips!!

    I learned the hard way, in a small shop that as soon as the attack starts, your support flees, screaming into the woods!!!

    Have fun with it, stay the course and see it through. I have had 2 run in's with corporate (wanna be) types and unfair and illegal policies.

    I was fired both times.

    In the small shop though, they fired me after the attack, but the same day I was gonna quit for a new job.

    The second time, the intent was there to fire with malice, and they did wreak havoc on some severance issues, but I knew where all the bodies were........muwhahahahaaaaaa (diabolical laughter)

    Now I am in a better town, better state and better job than I have ever had. I can hardly bring myself to call it work!!! I should send my last boss a thank you card for canning me!!

    BTW, remember your own words about surprise? Shhhhhhhh!!! If they have gone through computer files, and you ever went here from work, they will be reading this stuff.....

    Good luck!

    :nod: :cool: :cool: :nod: