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    :eek: How important is a dog to your home defense strategy ? What kind of dog would you recommend ?
    I have a 2 year old son. I need to take him into account...what kind of dog do you have ? Tell us about them :eek: :rolleyes: :fuss: :nod:
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    I have a Boxer. She's tough as heck looking, but excellent with the kiddos. My 11 mo old son has no problem climbing all over her. She just lays there and takes it.

    She always lets us kow when somebody is at the door or in the generaly area.

  3. I have a pair of idiots


    My dogs are about as useful to home defense as a wet blanket. They are whippets. Neat looking dogs but about as useless as the day is long. They don't bark, they like everyone immediately and they would willingly let a bad guy in.

    So, I have a few choice weapons at my disposal.

    However, a Golden retriever is almost always a good choice. They will bark, and they are generally good with kids and protective.The same can be said for labs and a few other bigger dogs.

    In my opinion, a dog only needs to be loud to be an effective DETERRANT. I highlighted deterrant as that is where a family dog should do its work. Motion lights and a barking dog will prevent many, if not most home intrusions.

    If a bad guy comes to your house, and he is bathed in light and the dog is barking like mad, he will almost always go to someone elses house.

    With kids in the home, overly agressive dogs may not be the best choice.

    I have friends with Labs, Setters, Retrievers, German Shepherds and huskies. All their dogs are good and loud. None are mean, and all are protective of the little ones inthe house, but not overly so.

    Choose a loud one, and TRain it well, or have it (you) trained. Most trainers will tell you that dog obedience is achieved with a well trained owner.
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    I have a West Highland Terrier. She's a great gaurd dog as she barks at suspicious things but not normal noises. She has come after me when I was wrestling with my wife, so she is very protective. But she is only about 15 lbs. So she is more of an alarm than a threat to the BG. But when the "alarm" goes off, I become a serious threat to the BG. If you are serious about a dog for home security get a Doberman Pinscher. Go to a breeder and get a good line. You'll pay about a grand. Go to the best training school you can find for the dog. You'll have about the best home security dog there is.
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    I got a used dog at the pound. German Shepard,good security,a bit aggresive. But if a BG comes in and eats his treats,he'll rip 'em apart.
  6. jerry

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    I like the early warning type that barks when there is something legitemit to bark at. I have a 13 yr old lab mix that is awsome at this. Lady barks, I go on alert.
    I have a husky/shepherd mix that I hope learns from the other. So far her favorite hobby is digging holes.

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    I don't have a dog right now but will get one in awhile. My wife has 4 cats that are very important in my home defense plan. If I get caught too far from my gun I'll throw them at the intruders face til I run out of cats! By that time I should have my hands around my Mossberg! :D
  8. PAPA G

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    MY PUP

    is a 3 year spoiled blond,GSD. i am secure in the knowledge that if any of the major food groups trys to invade my castle i will be safe:( :rolleyes:
  9. We have a chow and black lab mix and she will kill any dang thing that enters the yard...except a human.

    However, she will bark if something seems amiss to her.

    We later got an male Aussie Cattledog-Keshund mix which, after about six months, picked up the alert nature from the female.

    I know my dogs are not attack dogs (that's my job) and I am just happy that they alert and warn us of anything they feel out of the norm. And, that's outside.

    As far as being inside the house, once we let someone in it's 'love 'em to death'; whether it be adults or kids.

    They will let us know if someone/something is approaching in their own whining way. They very seldom bark but they will come and get one of us.
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  10. Gus L.

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    I have a yellow Lab, very good with kids and property defense.
    Also a very good hunting dog. Cant go wrong with a good Lab.
  11. Logansdad

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    I was thinking yellow Labrador Retriever...
  12. Mick

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    I've got a red collie x red cattle dog, he's a good watch dog, but no attack dog, my house is 1/2 a mile from the highway, and he can tell when someone is coming through the front gate, if he barks at 2:00 am I am instantly awake, he's never been wrong yet.
  13. Doglips

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    The best dog I ever had was a German Shaperd from the pound...barked like craze if someone came up to the door but was outstanding with the kids. After 15 yrs of guard duty shadow passed away. I also had a bassetthound for 15 yrs....but aside from being a speed bump that a burgler would trip over no much on the home defense. Currently I have a Black Lab and Rotwiler. The lab barks and is fairly protective. The Rottewiler is in serious need of mentla health counseling. The Rotie sleeps UNDER the couch (A metal Futon setup) or in the bedroom closet...but he barks and looks pretty visous..over all he's good with the kids and their friends....
    To me the dogs are a visible deterent something to make a bad guy pause and think...I also have burler bars..a camra system ... motion lights and an alarm so the dogs are safe :)
  14. tommy

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    i would have to say the labs would be the best . i have raised pure breed german sheperds and still say the labs are better . they are more protective in a posesive way. and they are great with kids.they like to please thier master. and the odds of a lab turning against it's owner is very slim.
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    :) So you like my lab Jake? Daniel is getting two purr black Labs from a friend of mine. He is getting transfered to Japan and can't take his dogs with him. I think Daniel would be great for the dogs. If I wouldn't have to move every three years with the Marine Corps I would take them. They went to school and are very smart and lovable.
  16. i have a Wamerainer and it scares off anybody it doesn't know. its not aggresive around people it knows
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    A dog is just a burgler alarm. I'd not want to get a true attack dog. Get a dog that suits your life. Even a little lap dog will raise Caine at an intruder. The rest is up to you.
  18. rondog

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    Vicious, killer Beagles.


  19. mitch_mckee

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    I like Beagles, Rondog.
  20. .22hustler

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    My three guard dogs are on my avatar.My black lab is approx 90lbs, male and is a great watch dog. He'll go after any small game on the property but is wonderful with kids and people. My mini-schnauzer will bark at ANYTHING suspicious.The chihuahua sleeps under the covers at night and is a SOUND sleeper.The lab will growl first, and if he barks, you'd better get up. But nothing will get past the schnauzer, period. I always sleep great at night when my wife works at night, knowing "Sassy" is on the couch, just waiting.:kiss: