Domestic Terrorism?

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    Did anyone else catch the news, Friday I believe, where mailboxes in two states were rigged with homemade bombs and set to explode when opened. This was in Illinois and Ohio (I think). They claimed this to be domestic terrorism. Two mailmen were injured from the explosions.

    Now why did they assume it was domestic terrorism. Is it not conceivable that this could be some muslim sect in our country that set this up. After all they did send a bunch of anthrax to the USPO.

    Or did they? I do recall that some were blaming the right wing wackos in this country for the anthrax. Afterall look at who recieved it Brokaw, Daschle, etc... You don't exactly associate these people with gun owners. I have been told that it had to be muslim related because the postmark dates are so close that it could not have been someone not related to the terrorism plot. Is this true?

    I have to say if this was true then the terrorists really did a good job at trying to play us against each other.
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    Actualy I just love the way the media calls stuff. Back in 1984 I got stuck takeing a bunch of counter terrorism classes....some were lectures about the history and diffition of terrorism.... I then found it funny that we called 09/11 the first terrorist attack on the USA. I mean we had the olimpics, the world trade center..Oklahoma City...ect that were big events. However, by deffinition any poliicly motavated criminal act is basicly a terrorist act. Like if I rob for the $$ to by c-4 to blow up bassetthound rescue then both the robbery and then blowing up part are terrorist actions. Same with the PETA people who raid labs and destory research failities or Tree huggers how sabatage bulldozers... I mean even the Bostan T Party fits the deffition of a terrorist act.
    I just think the libral media dont want us to realize how dangrous the world around us they call it vandalism...or a pipe bomb...
    As for it beind done by forign born or USA born people it dont matter none...I think that people like to think its Non Americans...But like that profileing...McVay would not have fit the discription nor Ted Kazinsky...

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    Doglips, I posted a response earlier, but it seems to have been deleted. I have heard nobody on TV or Radio say it was the FIRST terrorist attack in the US. Rather, I heard them all repeating the line about it being the WORST terrorist attack in US history.
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    Looks like they are showing up in more states now,Iowa,Ill.,Neb.,olo.and there has been a letter attached in which the text was included on AOL news.Hummmmm?:confused:
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    This is just a guess but from the pattern I've seen looks like this lunatic might hit Wyoming or Utah next. Anyone else got any guesses?

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    no way I want my mail box left open I went through too much to get a nice solid steel box (1/4" Steel reinforced - I hate box bashers) to have some fool knock the door off
  7. This jerk might be hard to catch because the bombs are so random. He hit the small town of Salida, Colo. There are only 4700 people there. I've been there many times. The FBI says they have some leads and are focusing their attention on one guy. Hope he's caught soon. There have been 17 bombs so far so I figure that should be 17 counts of attempted first degre murder and that would be just the beginning of the charges. If you want a bash proof mailbox heres a good trick. Cut a length of 4" PVC to fit the depth of the mailbox and fill the area around it with cement. When some punk hits it with a baseball bat, he'll be surprised when the bat bounces off and hits him in the head.
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    You're right Salida is pretty small. I go up there with my dad for a stake shoot, but haven't been in a while. Really sad people feel that they have to resort to this kind of behavior.

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    I have a heavily reinforced mailbox and someone, apparently with a truck, ripped it out of the ground, includind the concrete it was set in.
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    The mailbox bomber has been caught!

    I had a post on this subject dated 5/6/02 but guess it got deleted. Veeerrrryy Stttrrannge! Has his happened to anyone else? I even lost three jokes I posted today. Haven't seen any responses from the Administrators yet.

    Anyway...Heres what I learned about the mailbox bomber.

    On TV news tonight it was reported that the perpetrator has been caught. I believe he was a 21 yr old guy but not much else was divulged yet. Probably a lot more will come out tomorrow or so.

  11. The perp

    I caught a piece of that on the local news, the perp appears to be some johnny white bread, anti somethng or other suburban kid. Most likely molly coddled and allowed to do what he wanted, or "felt" was right.
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    Oxford, I think you were another victim of the Cloned Board Syndrome. Read my posts in Feedback.