Don Alveezer's Tweezers---Remember??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Huey Rider, Aug 15, 2010.

  1. Huey Rider

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    How many of you out there remember this memory/tongue twister lyric?

    ONE hen

    TWO ducks

    THREE squaring geese

    FOUR limerick oysters

    FIVE porpulent porpopises

    SIX pairs of Don Alveezer's tweezer

    SEVEN thousand Macedonians charging in full battle armor

    EIGHT brass monkeys from the ancient, sacred crypts of Egypt

    NINE apathetic, sympathetic, diabetic old men on roller skates with a marked propensity for procrastination and sloth

    TEN lyrical, spherical, diabolical denizons of the deep who quoth quay through the quivy of the quay constantly and at the same time


    Remember, you have to repeat the previous lines before going to the next.


    ONE hen

    ONE hen
    TWO ducks

    ONE hen
    TWO ducks
    THREE squaring geese

    Etc.----- all from memory!! GOOD LUCK!!!
  2. SwedeSteve

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    I never heard that one, but we used to play one that started with "One brown hen ".

  3. Cyrano

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    New York
    Isn't that a test or a drill the Army Journalism School used to use when evaluating or training potential Armed Forces Radio & TV broadcasting personnel? If you could manage to remember and get through the whole thing without tripping over your tongue, you were in. If you couldn't they either rerouted you to the print journalist training or classified you as unsuitable for the journalistic MOS.
  4. Pope130

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    I remember that as "Six pair of Don Alphonso tweezers." as quoted in H. Beam Piper's "Day of the Moron".

    (But perhaps I recollect incorectly.)