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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jeffro, Mar 23, 2002.

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    To those of you who may not be aware of it, DON WILLIAMS (whose postings are showing up here) is one of the two best pistolsmiths I have EVER had work on my 1911s. In fact, he is one of the ONLY two smiths I will now let work on my 1911s. I have used the services of many 'smiths over 35 years, it took me a long time to find someone of his caliber, but now he is STUCK with me as a client!!!!!! ...... Don is GREAT. His business name is The ActionWorks, and I cannot praise his work highly enough. To boot, he is a real gentleman to work with and is fair and honest............. what more could one ask? We are truly fortunate to have his input on/in this Forum. When Don speaks of 1911s, I suggest that ALL listen........ he KNOWS.
    Don, if you are reading this, do you know who it is?
    HINT: Jeff in St. Louis, Missouri...............
    Safe shootin' and Happy Trails to all,
    Jeffro (Jeff)
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    Jeffro,good to see you're back.

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    Jeffro: Couldn't agree with you more. Don has built quite a few 1911's for me and is top notch in my book. I have had other "top name" guns in my safe but will stick with Don for the long haul. His work is flawless and he will guide you through the process if you have questions about a project. Good solid advice minus the ego.

    I had the pleasure of meeting Don about 3 years ago when I went visit my friend Gordon Davis the holster maker in Chino Valley, Az. Went to Don's shop and was really impressed with the shop and Don himself.

    It was a real treat to meet Don at last and thank him in person for all the help and service he had provided over the years. We had many phone conversations and he is just as cordial in person as he is on the phone. Look forward to seeing him again on my next visit to Chino Valley. Great guy, gunsmith, what more can you ask for? John.
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    Just for your info: Don is one of my personal gunsmiths also, he is everything you stated and more. He's a great guy to know and does stellar work... I really am blessed to have he and Tony West as moderators on this site. Kurt Wickmann will be stopping in from time to time as a guest moderator... I also hope to get Karl Sokol of Chestnut Mt. Sports on board, but he has just aquired a computer and does not have internet connection at this time.

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    Gentlemen, I thank you for your kind comments, and have to say I'm somewhat embarrassed by the attention. In reality, any talent any of us have is God given, and I can't take any credit for that, I just try to use it as best I can, with occasional stumbles along the way. It is really nice to see old customers who have become friends on this forum (which Jesse roped me into :D ). One of the fun things about this job of 'smithing is meeting many nice people, who start out as customers and become friends along the way, though most of them I've never met face to face. Regardless, we all obviously have a common interest (probably more than one), and that is something that draws us all together.
    Thanks again,
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    Good to see you're here! I kind of sat back for awhile when the format of the Forum changed........... I'm a little insecure on the net, being embarrasingly low tech!!!!!
    Looking forward to interacting with you again. Best to ya'.
    Happy Trails and safe shootin'.
    Jeffro (Jeff)