Dont Give an Alagator the finger..

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, Apr 27, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Alligator Bites Off Motorist's Finger
    (04/26/02 -- AP) Authorities are still trying to find a man whose middle finger was bitten off by an alligator in Polk County. Investigators say the gator bit off the man's finger as he wrangled with the reptile on Wednesday. He was trying to pull it off Interstate-4 near Orlando.

    A state wildlife officer saw the attack. He asked the injured man to wait for an ambulance, but the victim said he would drive himself to a hospital.

    The alligator was later removed from the site by a licensed trapper. The victim, who was missing his left middle finger, apparently never sought emergency medical care. Experts say treatment is necessary because alligators' mouths contain bacteria that can cause serious infection.
  2. Big Dog

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    Musta been a Yankee tourist! All locals know that gators have right of way. ;-)

  3. Oxford

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    Lack of common sense, Example #1

    Too bad about the lost finger. Could have been the whole hand or even more that got eaten. Seems like a little common sense was missing, though.
  4. Klaus

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    I thought everyone knew enough about gators to hold the mouth closed, if the are forced to handle them. The jaw muscles to open the mouth are very weak.
  5. GaryG

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    I hope the driver wasn't from New York City cuz you can't live and drive in Brooklyn without a middle finger.
  6. Big Dog

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    Klaus, we get a lot of people who have seen "Crocodile Hunter" on the telly and think they know how to handle the big lizards. But, they can be very fast! I don't know if this guy was drunk or showing off to a girl friend, but he learned the hard way. Never mess with a wild animal. Depending on the size of the gator, he got off easy.
    If anybody in South Florida has gator or other pest problems, there's an outfit called "Critter Getters" the takes care of them, legally and safely.
  7. Klaus

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    That is why I said forced. I do not recommend people messing with them. They can lunge fast, and even 12" long ones can do damage.
  8. boneguru

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    but they are sure good eatin!