Don't know if I am getting through

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    I've been getting messages and try to reply but don't know if they go through.I love you all like brothers and sisters but am so computer stupid sometimes I try to reply and lose everything.Especially on the friendship deal.Anyone as computer stupid as I am shouldn't be allowed to run loose,especially on a confuser.If I have missed anyone please contact me PM.I usually get through that way.I'm sorry if I missed anyone and can assure you it wasn't my fault,or at least unintentional.I can't be saved computer wise so don't even try.You'll just get madder at me.I believe my stupidity is a threat to the internet society.(of course,not much of one,I don't think it goes through) ,,,sam.
  2. Mr Sam you can recieve 2 kinds of messages a private one and one that all can read if they go to your personal page where your stats, friends list is and what not.

    Up in the upper right corner you'll see praivate messages. If someone sends you a message it will change and say Notification.

    As you probable know you click on that to go read a message(s) sent to you.
    It could be one of the two type messages we all can recieve here.

    Now here's where some members mess up. They forget to click on the senders name and instead they stay at there personal page and click the message box and type there message back to the sender that sent them the 1st. message.

    When they click reply or what ever it says the message you just typed stays at YOUR personal page.

    You have to click on the oridginal senders "name" and then you'll be taken to there personal page and thats where you type your reply to there message they sent to you.

    If it's a Private message I think you know how to do those. You click to read the private message and if you wish to reply to it click reply or go back to the senders personal page click private message and type what you wish to reply to.

    Now if someone sends you a friend request you'll recieve a notification. All you gotta do is click you accept them.
    If you don't accept you can click that.

    If you wish to ask someone to be friends, click on there name like mine ArkansasHunter and go to there personal page here.

    Over to the right it Says example Befriend Samuel click befriend. I forgot to mention when you accept someone to be your friend a box with that persons Avatar will be in it and a little box box you need to check.

    Good Luck ...Mike
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  3. Tracer

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    well done AH ,see ,you smarty when you want to beeee, lol.
  4. samuel

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    Thats one of the whole problems,it says "your notifications" but when I click on it nothing happens.Sometimes it changes all by it's self.A little bit ago it said I had 2 messages.Now it says one.I don't know who because it doesn't do anything so I can find out.I guess I'll go back to ignoring it so it doesn't make me mad.I used to get through but things have changed and I can't even get the message anymore.How depressing! ,,,sam.
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    Hang in there Sam. At our age we are not supposed to know much about computers. lol
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    I have daily battles with this Chinese Pachinka Machine of mine !!
  7. samuel

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    WW: I havn't changed the trend. When I take my last breath my last words will be "how do I work this confuser? ,,,sam.
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    Here is some computer tips for ya sam enjoy :D
  9. samuel

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    I still don't know who sent a message or whether it is private or friend.I'm disgusted. ,,,sam.
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    If I can figure it out.
    You surly can too.
    Look at the bright side. Sam.
    At least, you don't have too deal with this dang, dial up!
  11. ArkansasHunter, is always a big helf around hear!
  12. samuel

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    What's a helf?Is that related to bigfoot? ,,,sam.
  13. Huey Rider

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    I think it's an Arkansas Bigfoot. When they growl they go....GRRRRRR... Ya'll !!!
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    Well,finally!!! When I click on that message thingy a deal comes down and I poke the one they say to and,presto,it goes there.That thingy wasn't coming down.It works! Bring them on! ,,,sam.
  15. Huey Rider

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