Don't open this if you're a Texan or Jewish

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Oxford, Sep 24, 2002.

  1. Oxford

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    Two Texans are sitting on a plane from Dallas and an older
    Jewish man is sitting between them.

    The first Texan says, "My name is Roger. I own 250,000 acres.
    I have 1000 head of cattle and they call my place Jolly Roger."

    The second Texan says, "My name is John. I own two million
    acres. I have 5000 head of cattle and they call my place Big

    They both look down at the Jewish man who says, "My name is
    Irving and I own 500 acres."

    Roger looks down at him and says, "Five hundred acres? What
    the hell can you raise on 500 acres?"

    "I don't raise notink," he says.

    "Well, then, what do you call it?" asked John.

    "Downtown Dallas." :nod:

  2. Benny

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    Haha, nice one!!

  3. I pretended I wasn't a Texan so that I could read this.
    Oxford as Dale would say -- yepper.
  4. oneastrix

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    That's about right! Course, I read the warning and just had to open it. I tried not to, but the shaking and withdrawl symptoms got the best of me...
  5. colt45

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    don't forget NYC.
  6. Oxford

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    Live animal trap.

    That's called baiting the trap. I knew you Texans and Jewish people couldn't resist. I tried to give you a fair warning. (ha)