Don't speed in Florida

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  1. I cant get the link to work.

  2. Rambo

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    Guess we'll just have to speed through Florida to find out.
  3. Mad Hatter

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    Just another way to suppress us.. I love to drive very fast but with a law like this I wouldn't even think about it. Going to jail and confiscation for speeding, nuts.. If you are involved in a crash were you caused someone's death or critical injury maybe, but not just for speeding !
  4. Rex in OTZ

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    Those sort of law's just show how stupid the Govt has gotten, better roades lead to faster speeds, we could go back to the way it was with gravel roads and more bends and grade inclines, just let a speeding Jag hook a wheel on that center gravel ridge ! I shure would like to watch that as some city boy drop's a load in his pants fighting for control as the speeding beer can was swapping ends and heading for the ditch.
    Has anybody ever changed a tire along the roads in FL those fire ants under the shoulders are something to watch out for!
  5. .22hustler

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    If we just enforce the laws on the books, we wouldn't need any more dumb-as*, lame, stupid laws like this.:nono:
  6. Rave

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    News to me,oh well,I tend to drive the speed limit as it saves gas in my little Ford Ranger P/U.:drive:
    Gosh,I thought you had removed me and my little Ford pick up rowing along,minding our own business,bit carrying the 9mm in the glove compartment.:biglaugh:
  7. TXplt

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    Well, like I said before. Here's how we fix this BS and government "crime" profiteering (i.e. they make something minor like talking on your cell phone or speeding on a wide open interstate or smoking pot a "serious crime" and use it to steal "legally" your stuff-- just like a frivolous lawsuit. It's still stealing.).

    1. We vote the silly bastages who advocate this and "zero tolerance" silliness out of office and any position of responsibility or authoratay.

    2. ALL fines across the nation, including EPA lawsuits, corporate fines, forfeited property, sheriff's sales, etc. are put in a NATIONAL FUND. This fund can't be touched by anyone for anything until the end of the year.

    3. At the end of the year, ALL OF THE MONEY (without exception) is divided up amongst those paying taxes equally. All paying in get an equal share. We then get this money rebated to us, as citizens.

    This prevents law profiteering, and ensures that any enforcement is altruisticaly aimed at improving the public good. Agencies can't profit from fines or seisures.

    Laws like car confiscation for speeding only make the public safety worse---there's more of an incentive now to try to outrun the cops because the risk is higher.
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  9. TXplt

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    Congrats A. H. !

    Watch out, it might be one of those "spy computers" lol
  10. Rex in OTZ

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    How about those fella's who had one domestic violence charge against them?
    I'd think after 10 years of being a good boy they could be allowed to be a citizen again and buy a gun they did there time paid the fine and proved they could stay outta trouble why keep someone down for a mistakefrom the past when a young age?
    , it wouldent stop a dishonist guy who would just steal a gun anyway, back in the 1980's a fella could buy a handgun off a cabbie or in the streets of New York and these revolvers were mugged off cop's!
  11. ehh, florida is full of crap drivers anyway (im sorry, its true)

    i mean, in georgia the worst we have is dekalb county drivers, which is mostly decatur and the like.......and well, they are really, really bad
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  12. Windwalker

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    Good luck trying to get the bad guys voted out. People just don't seem to care. We, the voters had several candidates running for President that were better than the ones we have now but the voters would not support them. So here we are back to the lesser of the evils again. The voters give lip service to what is wrong but won't vote for any one who wants to fix it.
  13. WOW I won a laptop also. Won't catch me clicking on it to get it, that's for sure.
    As for speeding, tickets are too expensive anymore now as it is to where it isn't cost efficient. Then factor in your insurance going up if it goes against your license. So I suppose, one might be wise to just not speed at all. lol

    But it is a tad bit excessive. The more I think about it and see what's going on, with many things, we're slowly turning into a police state/country. We'll only be able to do certain things and not do many things we once did. UNLESS WE STOP THEM.
  14. deadman03

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    if i was on a bike going 30 over i would probably be alot more inclined to run with that law in effect. and i wouldnt drive 160 mph in a straight line for 40 miles and then stop. that realy happend here, stayed on the same interstate, he was caught.
  15. damage855

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    That is stupid just what we need is to fill are prisons with speeders.

    Deadman03 I remeber that the dummy ran out of gas. LOL
  16. RockB

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    So what should happen to someone going 105 on the interstate while everyone is going 75-80? How about the guy doing 65 through my neighborhood where my kids play?

    No different than someone horsing around at the range. Just as likely to get someone killed.

    We are not talking about someone doing 5 over here. We are talking about people that are risking my life and the lives of my family by driving that way.

    You wanna go that fast go find a track somewhere. Need to drive that fast, leave earlier or take a plane.

    Just my $.02
  17. TexasT

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    Bikers tend to do those kinds of speeds the most out of anybody I've seen on the road. Good thing is on a bike you're more likely to kill yourself than other people if you crash into them. I think it's stupid to send more people to jail that tax payers are going to have to vouch for. Give them an incredibly heavy fine...ok. Send them to jail, no, not unless they injured somebody.