Doo-wop friday

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    Friday night and your having a party,6 or 7 young couples. down in the "Rumpus" room you have folded up the ping pong table and rolled it out of the way. while your bring down the record player and records, dad is gathering up the liquor behind the bar and putting it under lock and key. its almost party time you hurry up stairs and put on your suit, comb your hair, then wonder if you should have shaved, but your still good for another week. your friends start dropping in brought by their parents. your girl arrives stag, as it should be. after introductions to your folks, everyone heads down stairs. a stack of wax is balanced on the spindle just waiting to be spun, the pop's have gotten cold, and there's pretzels and popcorn on a table. smiling, mom brings down a large tray of pig in a blankets. dad peeks in now and then, and shakes his head at all the gyrations.

    then the record player drops the next 45, dancing away to the beat....
    [ame=]YouTube - EDSELS Rama Lama Ding Dong Misprint 1958[/ame]
  2. Gosh!

    It is wonderful to be reminded of a time when music had talent and sometimes could just be fun.

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    Doo Wop

    Wife got me the whole Doo Wop series done by public tv.
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    I was a bit too young.
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    i was about 10 years old, i was a devotee to "Bandstand", which at the time was a local tv show, before it went national and changed the name to American Bandstand.

    age doesn't matter, all the cool cats can dig the music, no matter your age.:147:
  6. I wasnt even a twinkly in my mothers eye yet I think, :p
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Golden Oldies #45 Stay Just A Little Bit Longer[/ame]
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Why Do Fools Fall In Love-Frankie Lymon+The Teenagers-1956[/ame]
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