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doubling garand,need help

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my springfield garand doubles,has a nice trigger,sometimes it ejects the clip with shells,sometimes it doubles.cleaned the trigger group to make sure their wasnt grease on the sear, any other ideas. tia:confused:
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What do you mean by doubles? Double feeds or it double fires?
double fires, i think i may have found the problem. lubricant on the hammer hooks,. i cleaned the trigger group with carb cleaner then sprayed it with w-d 40 to keep it from rusting.i think thats what caused it. i wiped off the hammer hookes and ran 2 clips through with no problems. im keepin my fingers crossed!
AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Not WD-40 for crying out loud. NO NO NO. Any thing but WD-40

Recommend Corrosion X, a bit pricey but well worth it.
WD-40 will evaporate. It is not a rust preventative.
thanks, i'll keep that in mind!
Might even try automatic transmission fluid .

God Bless
well i didnt get that lucky...took it to the range sunday,loaded 3 rounds,1 in the chamber then 2 in the 2 shot clip i have. very first shot it doubles. *@###%^$ !!!!!! so i took it back home ,tore the trigger assembly apart then i found it. the right side of the trigger is broke wher the pin goes through... if youre finger pulled sraight back it was fine,any pressure from the right side pushing left it wouldnt let the sear hook then babang!! 0rdered parts from fulton armory. trigger group overhaul 39.00
Attaboy Hipshooter! I commend you for having the patience to persist until you got it right. Award youself 25 attaboys. Hey how many times did ya say "aw 5hit"!
(this site censors the "bad words")
about 4...their was 3 range officers working on a building about 35 yds behind me. their policy is no rapid fire beyond 3 shots. as soon as it happened id jump up to make sure they new something was wrong.they never said anything....whew
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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