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  1. Went to my buddy's place in NC for the start of Dove season. It was my first time. Man it was a blast. Those birds are little and quick. I brought 50 rounds thinking there was no way I could shoot it all I shot 47 rounds within 3 hrs. Killed 6 birds. Man it was fun. Hopefully I get to eat them Wed.
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    Sounds like my son's first time.

    He was murdering clay pigeons. I warned him that live birds were a whole different story. First bird naturally was a miss. He turned to me and said, "Dad, did you see what that bird did?" he's gained a whole new appreciation for wing shooting.

    Don't make this your last hunt. I've been missing birds for years. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

  3. I'll probable go this week if my hunting neighbor buddy will go with me. I don't like going hunting by myself any more since my run in with a Big Foot...A.H
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    Dove hunting............What a great way to be humbled !!
  5. I'm hoping top go back in early Oct. He may have gotten me hooked for life
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    Gotta love dove hunting. I went this morning for about the 4th time of the year. We actually did pretty well (shooting wise). We only killed 23 birds but had a lot of 1 shot kills between the 3 of us. Its amazing how much easier it is when the birds cooperate and lock onto the mojos...makes it a whole lot easier to him em.
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    Nothing like shooting holes in the sky! Dove hunting is a blast, lots of good times over the years. Dove season is just about to start any day down here, but they are just starting to show up from up north. Gonna be a while before they are flying good, i'm thinking.
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    Going tomorrow at my Brothers Ranch west of Port St Lucie ,Fl. Spent all summer getting the field ready.
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    I went for my first time this year it opened sept 1 here. It is officially my favorite bird to hunt, I have a happy trigger finger and nothing is better than being able to pull the trigger countless times in just a few hours. I love it.