Dove Pics

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jtuck, May 30, 2008.

  1. jtuck

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    Don't know if anybody in here is a dove hunter, but I took these pictures last night in the hayfield beside our house. These are a couple of our "tame" doves. I can't wait until September.
  2. What happens in September?? Beat them with a stick to get them to fly then blow them out of the sky with shotguns??

  3. jtuck

    jtuck G&G Evangelist

    Lol, from this pic that looks like what it would take doesn't it? We plant several food plots on the farm, and this year I did two of them for doves. It should be a good year for dove breast. Mmmmmm.
  4. That's what they do with Pheasants in the UK. But I must admit, they taste better than clay pigeons.
  5. Oh whl you never tasted my clay pigeon an gravy recipe. umm umm good
  6. jtuck

    jtuck G&G Evangelist

    Jimkim- you come over to my house after we shoot clays and fix us some. My clays never have any holes in them. Stupid shotgun...

  7. Something to look forward too then Jimkin?????

    Hope it is better than the the Texas Catfish I had in Galveston, it tasted like mud!
  8. sell33

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    Mm dove hunting is so much fun...i can't wait for september either. They are A LOT of fun to hunt.
  9. I did alot of dove shooting in corn fields in Maryland 25 or so years ago , was a fast action hunt lots of fun. good memories
  10. ruffman

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    Used to do a bit of dove hunting over spent corn as a kid in KY... Loads of fun... Have to say my best day ever was like shootn' em in a barrel... Had a good cover of snow, and 3-400 bushels of feed corn in one of our tobacco barns... I left the vents open overnight and closed them in the morning... Two of us climbed the rafters and shot 60 with .22cal pellet guns that afternoon... Ethical? no But a real feast for a week... Did get my a$$ handed to me by my dad later that spring from all the holes in the tin roof!!!

    Have to say I still take a few "bystanders" while quail hunting when they present themselves... Confuses my Brittany though...
  11. MmmmHmm Doves! September first is gonna be awesome. I love those little things. Fun to shoot also, such fast fliers.