DPMS .223 extras?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by 99mo, May 27, 2008.

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    Going out to the dealer this week to order a Panther™ 16" AP4 Post Ban w/Miculek Comp

    I was thinking about ordering either the titanium or chrome bolt assembly. Opinions?

    Also thinking about the JP trigger. Opinions?

    Anything else from the factory that is worth considering?

    It will be used for shooting at the range and probably some wild hog hunting.

  2. Mad Hatter

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    Definetly get the chrome bolt assy., as it is much easier to clean. I would also get the JP trigger. (Take up and pull are both not good with the stock trigger).. Otherwise great rifle. Be sure to follow barrel breakin procedure.. Kind of sucks but I did it with both my AP4and .308 DPMS.

    I have the chrome bolt assys., and will be upgrading the triggers shortly.

  3. Pred

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    First, if your wanting a different bolt carrier go with either an LMT or CMT M16 bolt carrier. Second, I've got to say that stock DPMS triggers are not that bad, as both of my DPMS lower parts kits triggers are not that far behind my RRA, maybe I just got lucky. Third, why are you buying a post ban rifle? Forth, if you hate the trigger, buy a RRA two stage. Fifth, barrel break in... just shoot the crap out of it. And if your wanting an upgrade to make it easier when cleaning, get a chrome lined barrel instead of a chrome moly barrel and a chrome bolt carrier....
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