dpms free float tubes and free float quad rails!

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    hey fellas, i just ordered the ap4 stock for m lr-308t, should be coming in soon, ill tell you more when i install it. anyways i was looking at the quad rail free float tube, carbine length, they have it! ill probably will be buying that next week. for me i would get the high rise rail. my question is . if anyone hase ever taken off there free floats before. im gonna need to install it when mine comes in. i just have the ribbed carbine on mine now and was wandering what needs to be done for instalation. does the gas block have to come off? school me up fellas. im a newbee in the free float department.
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    You will need the DPMS FF tube wrench you can get it from Brownells for like $26 plus shipping. Dont get the armorers wrenches confused with the DPMS FF wrench they work on a different barrel nut assembly. The DPMS tubes serve as the barrel nut also. The tubes are two piece. Use a strap wrench to unscrew the bore end of the tube and it leaves about 2 to 3 inches of tube on the receiver. that is the barrel nut you use the DPMS wrench on. If you remove the gas block you can remove the barrel easily at this point. Good luck Mine was torqued on there pretty good. I also suggest you get the upper receiver block to hold everything in place while you work. The one I bought was the delrin block with the pins to hold the upper. If you go this far you will probably get the bug and start building your own. It really is a disease with no cure.


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