Discussion in 'DPMS' started by practical, Apr 17, 2002.

  1. practical

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    I was looking at buying a lower only to build up an AR. I found some DPMS stripped lowers for a pretty good price. Are these decent products? Are they many differences between the aluminum and steel ones as far as quality or performance go? Also, can I mix and match parts(lowers and uppers mainly). I want to get a Bushmaster match grade for it.
  2. Rock

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    I have a Dpms rifle and I could not be more pleased I have never had any problems one of the better quality AR rifles made......The differences between aluminum and steel is that steel will last longer quality/performance will be the same the steel will be a little heaver. and you can put a bushmaster upper on the dpms lower the differance in lowers is some take small pins and some use large pins (trigger hammer ect ) other than that they are the same.

  3. KidKwiK

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    DPMS Has only quality products buy with confidece.
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    Don't waste your money on steel receiver,forged aluminum is what our Uncle Sammy uses to keep the wolves at bay! You could probably get the cast aluninum,and it would be fine. But I would spend the small difference and go with the FORGED alum receiver!
  5. Eric

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    I second the thought, no cast, The FAC Warehouse sells five different kinds of lowers:
    Carbon Aramid polymer, T3 forged, milspec, T3 maxhard, and cast. They cost from $79.95 for the cast to 149.95 for the carbon aramid polymer. just more choices....Good Shooting! Eric