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    I would just like to share a little sotry with you all that happened to me the other day. I was driving down the interstate in my company truck, and noticed I was being tailgated by a Geo Metro with two Arab looking guys in it. Once traffic cleared, I moved over into the right lane to let them pass. What I saw when they passed sickened me. They had a very large American Flag turned upside down. Had I known before hand I would have slammed on my brakes, but alas I did not.
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    So ?

    The flag displayed inverted is a sign of distress. Many people have flown the flag in this manner since the Sept. 11 incident.
    This custom was orininally used by ships at sea to signal trouble on board or with the condition of the vessel.

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    Hi Hank,do you really think that was the case?Hummm,maybe!:cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Don't really want to speculate, but I will share a flag story.

    Went to a high school football game last fall up north in a small town. Well the National Anthem was over and alot of us noticed an elderly gentleman walk over to this kid and start talking, after a minute or two the kid starts crying and no one knew why. One lady even started to get mad at the ol' fella. Then he told us what was up.

    It seems this kid didn't stand up or remove his hat during the Anthem and this gentleman was a WW2 vet and kindly reminded the youngster why we stand and remove our hats during the Anthem.

    Well the lady apologized to the ol' fella and about 250 folks stood and applauded the ol' fella.

    Kinda made me misty, sure as hell made me proud, **** proud!

    Forgive me for the ****, I got all worked up re-living the moment. I'll try harder from now on, really I will!
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    Hank, I know that. I served in the Marine Corps. I don't however, think that distress was their intention. Had it been an older guy or gal, maybe. But history lessons are very lacking in today's education, as well as patriotism and I doubt that theese 20 something aged guys knew.
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    Some people just don't get it right!

    Jarcp: Then there's a few people, like my neighbor, who just don't get anything right. A couple of weeks after 9/11 his flag, as well as mine, was flying proudly on the front of our houses. I looked over to his front porch and realized something was different. His flag was flying with the stars hanging down, rather than up, as it was supposed to fly.

    What I knew beforehand was that my neighbor usually screwed up most things he undertook, and this was just one more thing... so I just laughed it off.

    A couple days later his wife was telling my wife that someone driving down our street stopped, went to their door to see why they were flying the flag as a distress signal. My neighbor claimed he didn't know it was upside down (ha) so the driver corrected the flag for them.

    A few weeks later the flag was flying upside down again. Guess some people just don't get it.


    :nod: :D
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    Man,I'm not even gonna go there!:nod: :nod: :nod: :rolleyes: