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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MikeB, Mar 25, 2002.

  1. MikeB

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    I'm looking for a 357 sig drop in barrel for my G27. Any suggestions on where to get one for a good price?
  2. lefty o

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    depends on what you mean by a good price- remember you get what you pay for. i recommend barsto.

  3. WildBill

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    MikeB, how do you like your G27? I have one in layaway that will be paid off soon but have never fired a Glock. How is the recoil with the .40 round? I chose the .40 cal because my wife and daughters will also be using it. Almost bought the .45! Lady at the gun store advised against the .45 due to the heavy recoil in the light weight Glock. She is a BIG woman and said she cannot handle the .45 but finds the .40 to be no problem. Any feedback would be appreciated. :confused:
  4. Jesse

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    My brother has a Glock 27. It was his first handgun and you couldn't buy it from him w/$1000.00. He can really shoot it well too. At 25 yds. 3" groups are no problem with 180gr. ball. He carries 135gr. Cor-bon in it for defense. You will think I'm lying when I tell you this... I saw the target where he put 10rds. in a 10" group with this little pistol at 100yds. Amazing to say the least. I would reccomend a Bar-sto barrel for shooting lead or reloads. An 8# "New York" trigger is a great liability edge if you carry... it is also more reliable. Hope this helps.

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    You might think that would normally be the case, but this is particular to the individual shooter. My girl hates my Glock 23. She finds the recoil impulse very fast and somewhat strong for her taste. This same person will shoot one of my three Kimber .45's all day long like they are .22's. They just seem to fit her hand as well as mine, and the .45 may kick, but its a longer slower kick. The best advice I can think of is to let a new shooter shoot a few guns and decide what they like. If they make the decision, you may wind up with three Kimbers like me... LOL Of course the down side is I now spend half my life in front of the Dillon trying to load enough ammo any more!!

  6. MikeB

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    Sorry for the delay.
    Love the 27, Love the 30. Recoil is a bit more with the 30. IMHO you may want to look H&K. I have a USP 45 Compact, and a female friend of mine didn't have a problem with the recoil. I felt a lot of jump with the 30, may have been the cor-bon's. I liked it all the same.
    My advice.....buy them both if at all possible, that's what I did.
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    FAC, I tried to reply to your email but it was returned,
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