Drunk and high...turkey hunter shoots young son

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    It gets better. He saw turkeys from the road - and trespassed. Told his son to wait for him at the edge of the field. Son walked up behind him in high grass, he saw his head and thought it was a turkey fanning.

    Also, he was drawn for a license but chose not to buy one.
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    Wow, how tragic for the family. So careless, so irresponsible.
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    When reading these articles, I am always dumbfounded. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what logic was used to arrive at this situation! Poor child, poor Father.
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    though I cannot even imagine the senario that would lead to such an awful accident I feel really bad for the family, the boy and even the guy. That must have been the most awful thing to have happen to someone, I am sure he cant even close his eyes with out that vision haunting him. His stupidity aside I cant imagine the pain he will have to live with. sadly, not only was he tresspassing but accourding to charge #4 the guy didnt even have a license to hunt turkeys and by his own admission he shot at a glimps of a shape in tall grass that he didnt even identify. I dont know how many times I have told people that I don't care what they do after the hunt once the guns are safely away, but before and during a hunt is not the time to party. certainly, had he been a serious, ethical hunter, with a clear mind, this would have ended with him pointing out the turkeys to his boy from the window of the truck before driving off to get a license and permission from the land owner. reminds me of a man in utah a few years ago that took his very young son deer hunting and left him in the car sleeping while he went out looking for deer. sometime later he returned and the boy had woke up and wandered off, still in his jammies. they found him dead from exposure a few days later. If any good can come such cases it should be a lesson/reminder to all of us to not get complacent or foolish in our practices. one stupid move can really destroy a life forever.
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    This happened about 15 miles from where I turkey hunt, and the kid went to the same schools as my cousin, and in the same town I turkey hunt out of. I don't understand why you would shoot at a shape...it just doesn't make sense. It could have been anything, a deer, a hen turkey. From what I understood,he told his kid to stay back, and he was going to try and get the turkey.

    As for him not having a license, it sounded like he had financial trouble. Thats what I heard from a freind of a freind...might not be a reliable source, but it would make sense. It is our state's first turkey hunting death since season's offically opened on them, and hopefully the last.
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    Man,what a shame.It is hard to imagine the pain and grief that this family is going through and will continue to go through for the rest of their lives.Can't help but feel bad for all of them.Prayers have been sent.
  8. As a father, stories like this just rip my heart out..
    That father deserves his guilt and pain, every little bit...I say fry him.

    God Bless that child..
  9. Its just sickening that this can happen to such an innocent child. There is a time and place to get drunk and high, and that is after all the guns have been put away and you are just hanging out after the hunt or what have you. I can't believe the pure stupidity that some ppl exhibit on a regular basis. I would choke this guy with my bare hands.... forget how bad he feels. He put this all on himself. I'm not a godly person but please pray or at least keep the family in your thoughts.
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    An absolute shame, a disgrace. The man chose to break the law, break the man-code, and now he has broken the lives of many people. Beer was invented for embellishing lies after you come back to camp and the guns are back in the rack. Shame on him.
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    Ok, lets not forget he was smokeing something in his herb pipe. This man was breaking so many laws, it is a shame he wasn't punished in a way that would have taught his son something good. Weed builds up in the body, the more ya smoke, the slower your brain works, it is a fact. If hardship is the reason for haveing to tresspass and hunt illegally, I could say ok to that, but he had money for weed, and for beer, the hardship would have been less so, if he had spent that money on a license, and food.
    It sounds like a man who didn't care about anything, ended up killing his kid. I feel very sorry for the kid, though not for the father. He should face the maximum penalties, and the be made sterile so he can't pass on those gynes.
    Besides who ever goes out turkey hunting when they can't feed thier family, go jack light a deer, alot more usable meat, one shot, and the same amount of chance at getting caught. That said, I am totally against poaching, but not as much as I am against children straveing.
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    Nasty accident, with some dangerous pre-activities when firearms are going to be involved.

    I feel really sorry for this man (for his very bad choices) and his family (for their loss), and can hardly imagine what they are all going through right now...caused by some very bad choices.
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    I guess i'm hard gentlemen, but i feel sorry for the family and their grief, but as far as the man i have not one shread sympahty in the least, and I personnaly hope they give him the max the law allows. I no time for this type of individual who would committe this type of crime and on a child at that! Just my opinion!
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    if your going to pouch you should be sober?
  15. Anti hunting people will have a field day with this one.
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    Guns/ hunting and alcohol/drugs are a real bad mix, stupidity doesn't make it any better either. He should have known better!
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    Make sure you hang him? What about the other 2 children in the picture? The greif he has alone is more punishment then anything the law can dish out. If you hang him and I mean persicute to the fullest extent of the law, his family will be punished more than he will be. It's just a sad situation anyway you look at it.
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    I feel very sad about this but pass no judgement,as I realise that even with no drugs or alcohol,this could in an adrenalin high,happen to anyone,including me.It is terrible,but I look upon it as a warning to be even more cautious and safety minded. sam.