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  1. Brother Bob

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    Been doing some of this for a while. With that being said all brass from now on will be in Ziplock bags. This forces me to raise prices. Ziplocks are expensive and I just can’t afford to eat the costs. A large box of 223/5.56 will have two, 2.5 gallon bags of 223’s. I strongly recommend you keep those bags. They’re real proud of them at Walmart! We are doing this because no matter how much expensive tape we put on, the postal service finds new and improved ways of destroying their flat rate boxes. We’ve been doing this now for 7 years and as postal services rise and the service goes down we have to do something to ensure a good quality delivery. Please understand our dilemma. God Bless........Brother Bob and Miss Wanda.
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  2. Brother Bob, I do not see a problem, you are very fair with pricing...when cost go up so do prices...
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  3. Big Dog

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    I for one appreciate such thoughtful packaging. I occasionally get packages in that were very poorly packed. One recently was crushed, looked like the shippers drove a truck over it.
    Received taped up and damaged empty boxes more than once.
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    bonus is the Bags Bob uses work great for lubing those cases in.
  5. AK Hunter

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    The USPS doesn't treat packages very well. This was a box of 1K 9mm projectiles sent to me. Thank goodness the sender double bagged them & sent extras I received 1007 9mm after I picked up the ones down my front walk to the street. LOL

    USPS box++.jpg
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    Try being in a rural area. UPS and FedEx will sometimes turn the packages over to USPS to save on delivery.

    They were training a new carrier a couple months ago. Everyday everyone was seeing their neighbors delivering miss delivered mail.
  7. 13 heavy duty gallon freezer bags cost me $1.00 plus tax. Other sizes a buck a box also.

    Sounds cheap to me.
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    I've had that happen here often.

    I jump on the post office with both feet when it does.
  9. Brother Bob

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    We started buying the Hefty brand with the zippers. We can purchase the cheap ones, but you get what you pay for.
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  10. jerry

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    If I need more brass again, have no problem paying for a bag.
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  11. mdj696

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    Brother Bob, you run across any 303 Brit. My favorite reloading round.
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  12. I shipped any items in them including a bag of wrenches and had no issues - even shipped a bag of animal bones and none poked through!
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    Hey, Brother Bob, the check's in the mail....................put the change in the bag fund.
  14. Brother Bob

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    Yeah well I ship stuff that weighs 35 to almost 75 pounds. Went your track and the bags failed. Good luck with your wrenches and animal bones. I ship brass to my customers and want them to get their brass in good order. I’m not taking any more chances. They can keep those expensive bags and ship you bones and wrenches. LOL
  15. Shipped a milk bottle once in a bag. Bottle broke and bag still sealed. Don't know how but that sold me on the brand. Used over 100 since then of them.
  16. Brother Bob

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    Good for you. I m calling BS on shipping a milk bottle. It doesn’t matter. We’re purchasing the top of the line Ziplocks. You can keep the bag and use it to send bottled milk, if that’s your choice. I’m sure these won’t leak either. Nuff said.
  17. No bs. I have a copy of the insurance claim with that stated on it but you’re not worth the time to copy/post it.
  18. And it’s antique milk bottles not a bottle of milk. Why in the world would anybody ship a bottle of milk?
  19. big shrek

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    Sam's Club. Bulk Gallon storage bags.
    Far cheaper than Walmart.

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