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    For interested parties, I will start off this "Dumb Criminals Thread". Over time we should see some very interesting stories posted. Here is the first story...

    Man Busted for Retrieving Meth From Casino's Lost-and-Found....

    SUQUAMISH, Wash. — A man has been charged in Kitsap County for possession of a controlled substance after he made the mistake of attempting to retrieve a bag containing methamphetamine from the Suquamish Casino's lost-and-found.

    FOXNews.com - Man Busted for Retrieving Meth From Casino's Lost-and-Found - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News
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    These are idiots:

    :: Johnson City Press - News ::

    "KKK shooting probe centers on how bullet struck victim at scene

    Mitchell had a noose tied around his neck and was hanged from a tree with only his toes touching the ground, Littleton said. Members started shooting him with paintball guns while Freeman fired a 9 mm handgun in the air. The purpose of firing the handgun was to make Mitchell believe he was being shot with bullets, the chief deputy said."

  3. Well, he might not have been that dumb. Since his ID was in the bag too, he had nothing to lose by trying...
  4. I remember reading in the paper a while ago about a house that was raided by the cops and they found a room with a piece of paper taped on the door that said something like "do not open stollen stuff in sight" The cops found a lot of stuff from stolen rifles, to car cd players, and jewelry.
  5. I live in Kitsap county and there are a lot of brilliant people like the one above that live here. I'll probably get called to jury duty when this idiot goes to court,pleads not guilty and cost me $50000 in taxes to send to jail