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    Ever go into a gun store that specializes in C and R type guns, note something in passing as vaguely interesting, then think back to it weeks or even months later with new interest? Well, that's what's happening to me.

    I am not sure just what kind of gun it was. Hoping you can help me identify it. It was a 9mm rifle with a flimsy looking folding stock. By flimsy, I mean the stock was a bent strip of sheet metal, it seemed. The barrel was shrouded, and it had a pistol grip. It wasn't an AR styled lower, and the price was somewhere in the $400-$600 range, I think.

    Is this some variant of the Tec-9 or something?
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    Hard to say but you might be able to find it here, given enough time:

    SecurityArms Firearms Photo Index

  3. ghost_raven

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    Hmm... the MK-9 looks close, but the stock's different.... though I imagine they can vary.

    AHA! I think that's it... just found a pic of one with the same stock and everything.
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    So... Any thoughts or opinions on the MK-9?
  5. I don't even think the TEC-9 is or would be considered a C&R for one. For two, For me, it's hard to picture what you describe to even begin to compare it to the MK-9, which I'd add I couldn't find in the alphabetical listings of images. If I had something to compare it to, image wise the better. Why not go back and take a picture of it, if they'll let you ar ask them? OR is it G for GONE? lol

    I did see/saw these under the MK prefix >>>>>

    [SIZE=+2] Mk18 Mod 0 (HMGL) 40mm Grenade Launcher
    MK-19 40mm Machine-gun launcher
    MK-ARMS MK760
    MKEK 40mm Tamburlu Bombaatar Revolver Grenade Launcher
    MKEK G3A7
    MKEK G3A7A1
    MKEK GL-40
    MKEK M72
    MKEK MG-3
    MKEK OPT-556
    MKEK SMP5 and SMP5-K

    Nothing with MK-9. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot? Tell you what, click on the one you mean, let that page load then click on the address bar, then post in the link/picture with the sun and the mountain or the globe and chain link, then click OK, so I/others can see which you mean. As I said, I couldn't find this MK-9???

    I must/have to be completely missing it. lol I mean I know I'm somewhat computer illiterate, but I'm also dead on my feet at the moment and couldn't see if it was aimed right at me. lol uh oh...not good.
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  6. AHHHHHHHHSO, there it is, that little tid bit helped a ton. lmao...

    OK, from your description, it kind of looks/sounds ( does that even make sense, sounds? lol) like what you described. Does this shop still have it Ghost_Raven?
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    Haven't been to the shop in about a month, but it's had it for a number of months. If they don't still have it when I'm in the market, no big deal. But I'm wondering whether it's worth getting. Anyway, off to bed. I have another day of training for my new job.
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    Went to SecurityArms and looked at that thing. OMG that's ugly! I'd buy it and trade it for a crate of assorted M-N's... Of course, I'd trade my rear for a case of assorted M-N's...
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    Hmm... well, I went back to that gun shop today focusing mainly on stuff for my new AR, but couldn't help to browse. Heck, browsing is the main reason I go :)

    Anyway, they still have the gun in question. It doesn't label it as much other than a 9mm... specifically, it says something like "Special Weapons Inc. 9mm." The folding skeleton/wire stock attaches at the top of the gun and at the bottom of the pistol grip. I still think it may be the Floro MK9, but if you all know more about it or have any thoughts on it, I'm all ears. For some reason, that gun intrigues me.

    AHA! Found it for sure this time. Searched "Special Weapons Inc"... here it is:

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