dunhams turks?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by jpaulghetto, Mar 18, 2002.

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    dunhams sporting goods has turks on sale for $60. anyone have experience with them? is there a "best year"? i'm taking for granted they are m38, k.kale. sale ends today. any help?
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    Last fall I purchased a 1943 Turk from Dunhams. It was covered with cosmoline however the walnut stock looked promising even through all the goo. It cleaned up to become a very nice looking rifle. Look for deep gashes, small ones can be sanded out. Look I've visited Dunhams a couple more times and looked over their stock of turks. If I had the time I'd do it all over again. It's a fun rifle to restore. Use your judgement and go for it...Dan

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    Be sure that you look at the end of the barrel for damage caused by the use of the cleaning rod. My son's Turk (received from SOG) has no rifling on the last 1 inch of the barrel, which allows the bullet to tumble and makes a great gun very inaccurate. We are looking into having a local gunsmith groove it for us (extra cost). But don't let this keep you away from the fun of owning a Turk, just be careful what you buy (an advantage with shopping at Dunham's is that you can look the gun over before paying for it).
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    i agree with everything that has been posted i bought a turkish mauser from dunhams and is excellent condition. they get their imports from century arms. you could probably save twenty bucks ordering directly from century but you need a federal firearms license and you are ordering sight unseen. once i cleaned all the cosmoline from it i discovered a rifle in excellent conditon. it appears this rifle went thru their refurbishment program and then was stored. it appears to have never been fired. the stock does not have a mark on it. the blueing is one hundred percent. i would highly recommed dunhams who have stores from new york to iowa. yesterday i purchased a yugo m-59 semi auto 7.62x39 and you would swear it was brand new!! i am going to the sks forum on the details.
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    went to dunhams. picked out a nice 1940. filled out the paper work,got FLAGGED. bought a revolver last year, so i should be good to go. oh well, it'll be mine in three days. wood,muzzle bore,bolt,all looked VG. also some over-priced but very clean 1944 ammo,in bando, on stripper clips. stuff looked new. anyone have any thoughts on the 44 ammo? thanks a lot for the response fellas. jeff
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    i agree their ammo is over priced, but they are convenient in emergencies. hit www.burnsbro.com. i think they charge 38.00 dollars for four hundred rounds. its the same ammo.
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    Turkish Mauser

    I buy guns from Dunhams, and I have a C&R license. I like seeing what I am going to buy, and feel the extra $ 20.00 is worth it.

    I don't like buying milsurps on the internet or mail order. You never know what you are getting.

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    dunhams turks

    After 911 and I got interested in guns. A turk was my first purchase. Great rifle and real accurate. Try to get to the gun shows and you can get the 70 rounds in clips & bandoleer for 4.99. Cheap to shoot. Liked it so well I got my son one also.
    It will give you a kick. Your shoulder will get tired but you'll have fun doing it. Best check the head space before you shoot it.
    Brownells were out of them for quite a while, had to get it from Climertools.com - with shipping and handling - $38 = half as much as the gun but gives piece of mind and maybe save your face!
    Have fun!
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    Crown problems fixed.......Check this out!


    Well many people are a little afraid to venture into the "home" gunsmithing on there old mauser...but with these turkish mausers (can pick them up all day for $40.00)...it becomes very fun!

    I had a parts replacement issue (bolt & bolt parts), as well as a accuracy problem. I found these two great sites that really helped for the turkish mausers....



    The first site, shows how far you can really go with a $40.00 turkish mauser(great do it yourself web site!!!) O--make sure you click at the bottom of this page to find his home page..He has many, many topics on the turkish mausers..........this was the link that I used to fix the crowning on my rifle.

    The second is a Brownells page which shows the different illustrations of the many possible combonations of parts turkey used in these mausers!

    The two things that really helped put my Mauser in the "tack driving" side of my collection was, recrowning the barrel( would'nt have been afraid to cut the barrel shorter if needed also). The second was the bedding and floating of the barrel that are both explained very well on the first site! I also did some trigger polishing and lighting of the spring....WOW did that help also!
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    Don't forget the milsurp ammo is corrosive,especially Turk. Neutralize the salts before they can pit the barrel.
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    Re: Dunham's

    Might get someone to counter bore the muzzle end of the barrel , untill you get back to where there are some rifleings .

    God Bless
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    Re: dunhams turks

    HS gauges , check MidwayUSA.com .

    God Bless
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    where you been hiding Bud??? been a long time between posts. WELCOME BACK!!!