Dusted off my Mossberg 702 again.

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dgray64, May 12, 2008.

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    This a fun little gun. It and my Marlin 60 are my two most reliable .22 semi-auto rifles. I have an H&R sportster that is accurate, but the bolt doesn't always throw the empty shell clear.

    Anyway, after checking the sights in at 50 yds (open sights), and getting them in the pie plate (the Mossberg had a closer group by the way), I turned them each on a water filled milk jug. That is fun. The you can see the cap blow off and the water shoot up the opening even at 50 yds. The back of the jug split out of each jug. .22s are fun yet!

    Dave :09::09:
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    I need to get my 22's out to the range!

  3. My wife and I spend half a day at the range last weekend. Aside from about 30 minutes with the .45, it was an all rimfire Saturday. Took out the Remington 597 (thin barrel and 3-9x40 scope) and Marlin 2000L (heavy barrel, single shot, peep sights). After a few hundered rounds on paper targets at 50 yards, we took turns plinking at bits of clay pigeons someone had left on the berm (100 yards). Good fun and a good challengs since the scoped 597 has a super heavy trigger. The Marlin is even more of a challenge since 2-3" bits of stuff is so small at 100yds. My wife impressed the crap out of me, hitting about 50% of the time after only 3 months of shooting.

    Can't wait to get my (hopefully functioning) MkIII back from Ruger's service department soon.