Dutch Oven Stromboli

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    This is a great do ahead lunch recipe.

    2 tins Pilsbury Grands Crescent rolls
    1/4 lb sliced swiss cheese
    1/4 lb sliced american cheese
    1/2 lb thin sliced ham
    1/2 lb thin sliced roast beef
    1 bunch raw spinach leaves
    4 tablespoons dijon or deli mustard

    Open 1 tin of rolls spread out on a cutting board. Rearrange and pinch together edges to make a square. Place in bottom of 12" Dutch Oven. Cut and shape dough to cover bottom and 1" up the side of the inside of the pot.

    Build layers on top of roll dough inside pot, starting with swiss cheese, then ham, then american cheese, then spinach, then roast beef, then mustard. Open 2nd tin of roll dough and prepare as the first. Lay over the top of the contents in the pot and pinch edges of bottom and top dough together.

    Bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes, or until top dough is brown and firm. If using charcoal, place 6 briquettes under the pot and 20-25 around the top lip of the lid. Remove from heat and let cool uncovered in pot for a few minutes to set up. Invert the pot onto the lid and shake loose the stromboli. Cut into wedges. Can be eaten hot or cold. Serves 4 people. Good with sliced pickles stuffed inside after it has been cooked.

    Anyone hungry yet?
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    sounds good --

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    Showed your recipe to my wife and printed it for her. Thanks...Jay