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Discussion in 'Class III' started by Jack Flash, May 22, 2020 at 5:03 PM.

  1. Jack Flash

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    I've heard the wait times are really fast right now. Some say less than a month, but 4 months would be better than 12 to 14.

    I have a form 4 stamp and 2 form 1 stamps from a few years ago as an individual.

    I'm guessing I'd have to send them a set of fingerprint cards, and how does the sheriff sign off on a eform?

    If the wait times really are that fast, I'd probably short barrel another rifle and a shotgun.
  2. Dutch

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    Eforms are taking 15 to 60 days currently.
    I have no idea on how to do a sheriff sign-off. Not having to do that is one of the short-list of nice things about living in CO.
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  3. Dutch

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    Thinking about it, the change from requiring a sheriff's signature to only requiring you to notify them is a federal thing. You shouldn't need to get a sign off anymore.
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  4. Jack Flash

    Jack Flash G&G Evangelist

    I thought I heard that somewhere.

    Last ones I got I had too, but that was around 8 years ago.


    *Found It*


    Wish they would accept digital fingerprints.
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  5. ChaZam

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    Hmm, now you got me thinking that I ought to have a short barreled rifle...
    LOL, silly me. Need is frequently consumed by want... :D;)
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  6. Jack Flash

    Jack Flash G&G Evangelist

    I short barreled 2 AR lowers. Wouldn't mind putting an 8 or 10" barrel on my 10/22. And maybe short barreling my Mossberg Shockwave, or my old pre 1968 Winchester 1200.
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  7. chesterwin

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    It sounds like "ought to" outweighs "need/want". LOL! :D
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  8. Jack Flash

    Jack Flash G&G Evangelist

    The saddest thing about it is, if we'd sent a form 1 in to the ATF before May 1986, we could not only add a short barrel to a rifle, but also make it full auto. Obviously as long as it was capable of firing full auto.

    I'd love to have a Norrell 10/22 full auto trigger pack. Probably less than a couple hundred back then.

    Over $10K+ now days.