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    Completed,and paid on all 3 forms. I instantly got verification of each $200 payment,and also 3 pdf files from the ATF,but they have DRAFT across the front of them instead of SUBMITTED.
    I contacted the BATFE a couple days later and was told that since I made up my own Model #'s that each form 1 would go to research before I would get the emailed pdf files with my cover letter's. They also sent me an email stating this also.
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    A dude on the Taurus forum had the same thing happen to him when he picked his own model. Think he had to wait 5 or 6 weeks.

    I thought about having my model as Hit Man Can, but I figured the ATF might not have a since of humor. I put N/A for my can's model.
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    Finally, After a 9 week wait I received 2 emails from the BATFE with my Cover Letter's. Hopefully, I'll get my last one emailed in a few days. I can now mail in my finger print cards and wait for my tax stamps, then do some drilling and engraving.
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    That's nuts. I got my last 2 stamps 17 days from the time I submitted my forms.
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    New York
    Yes, but when was that? I haven't owned a firearm yet that needed a tax stamp (although if I wind up living in a civilized state, I plan to buy a PPS-43C and pay to turn it into a short-barreled rifle), but all I have been reading lately is it takes 6 to 9 months to get the approval for a tax stamp from the BATFE.
  6. I submitted and Electronic Form 1 on 9/24 for building a Suppressor, so far I've not heard anything back aside from getting a confirmation e-mail with a draft form attached from the address "[email protected]" I've not heard anything back. As I understand it I'm supposed to get an e-mail for me to submit my fingerprint cards to the FBI and that once I get that notification I have 10 days to do so.

    I will say this, it's not easy to get your form completed online. TFB has a walk through on exactly how to do it as a lot of the form's information is hard to understand to where without a guide it's would be very hard to complete (and even with it it was a daunting process). Also the website is like something from the early internet and I would advise anyone doing it to "Save" their form A LOT! as the system kicked me out / locked up multiple times and just because you went to the next screen does NOT mean it saved the previous one!

    I'll try and keep posting updates as I go through this process and add any relevant info I can.
  7. ... I should add that my submitted form's status did change to "Pending Research", which was also stated in the e-mail I received.
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    I sent one off this past June that took 23 days.

    Sent 2 more off in July that took 17 days.

    Those 3 were eForm 1's. If you mail a form 1 or form 4 it's usually between 7 to 13 months.

    Back 8 years ago I did 3 form 1's and one form 4. Back then it was 4 to 5 months.
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    First eForm I did, after I did the payment part I thought I was finished. Saved the form and logged out. Four days later a friend told me I should have got the cover letter to send in with the prints as soon as I finished the form.

    Logged back into my ATF account and opened my form and hit edit. Sure enough I forgot to actually submit it. I got the print cover letter email about a second after I hit the submit button.

    The last 2 I did in July I also got the cover letter email as soon as I hit the submit button.
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    Did you use your own personal " Model name/number" or chose one from the BATFE's list?
    I made up my own,and that's why it has taken so long on mine.
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    Their so fast I've been thinking about
    I entered N/A for the model number on my form 1.

    No model number, just my name, city, state, and 9mm
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  12. I just logged in this morning and sure enough line showing the form did not have a submission date, I tried to click on the view button to get into the form and got kicked back out to the login screen four times, so I'll have to try again later (that's happened a lot during the whole process).

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    In the upper left corner where mine says APPROVED, I think it said PENDING as soon as I submitted it.

    You can see the first eForm I did there is a 3 day time span between the Created date and Submitted date. That's due to me not hitting the submit button at the end of the form.

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  14. That's interesting, I was able tonight to get to the last step if the form and redo the "Submit" function and was successful in that it didn't boot me out etc. I then received a second e-mail Identical to the first again with no "Submitted Date" being put it the submitted field. Also there was only a single attachment (the application) on the e-mail no cover sheet or info on where to send the fingerprint cards to.

    the Screenshot's below are the same screen you have after successfully doing the submit function, and a screenshot of the email I received.

    I think I will try and call them when I'm off Monday and see if they can clarify what is going on or what I need to do.


    Form 1 email.jpg Form 1 Resubmit.jpg
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    It sounds like your application went like the 3 I did in August. It went to Research, if you print off the file that they emailed you it will have DRAFT across the pages.
    They told me it would take 3-4 weeks to do Research, but it actually took over 9 weeks.
    I received all 3 of my Cover Letter's last night, so I can now send in all of my finger print cards, and mail my notification's to my Sheriff's Dept.
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    I just used a silencer company kiosk to buy 2 cans. A .22LR one and a 5.56 one.

    The .22LR was in stock the 5.56 one is back ordered but Im on a reserved waiting list.

    They just emailed me the ATF form to digitally sign. so Im already done with that one, Just gotta wait now lol. times are taking about 3-4 months for suppressors.