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  1. Jesse

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    Anybody have any experience with these. Any differences in quality, durability, ect.?
  2. Calvin

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    The E. German has the best finish of all Maks. On the flip side, I have heard/seen the E. German Maks misfire once in a while. The problem is the main/hammer spring. The trigger pull on the E.G. is the best, but at a cost. The spring is not as stout as the others, so it's a simple matter of changing the spring. As far as the Bulgarian, they aren't as nicely finished, but they do shoot well. I own 3 of each, and love all of them. Accuracy is superb for the money, and the reliability is awesome. If you do buy one, and it doesn't matter which one, buy a couple extra recoil springs, and keep them on hand. I've shot my Russian Mak with full-house reloads, and it started throwing brass in the next zip code. When that happens, change the recoil spring. Check out www.wolffsprings.com. They carry extra power springs at a great price. Good luck, and let us know how you do!!

  3. Cranky-Kraut

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    No body likes to play with someone who doesnt share....how about sending me one of those mals you have lying around the house collecting dust? LOL

    I have to agree with Calvin 100%. I am from East Germany and oddly enough now that I am in the US I own an East German Mak. It is a great gun and I also replaced the hammer spring after my first trip to the range where it misfired 2-3 times in the process of firing 50 rounds.

    As for the Bulgarians....I have no idea. I have only fired Russians & East Germans but I am sure, the Makarov being the sturdy little trooper that it is, that the Bulgies are also great little guns.

    If you look on Ebay you can get great deals on Makarov Parts Kits. I got a complete Russian kit (all new parts) including every single part (except a frame, slide or sights) It even included a new chrome-lined barrel! The kit cost me only $22.50 + S&H which was a steal and was still cheaper than what the local gunsmith wanted just to replace my busted slide-stop lever (which I might add was ALSO in the kit).
  4. jpaulghetto

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    i am positive you will enjoy each one. the bulgarian,for a while was the best deal around. bought one late last year. at least 500 rounds later, all i can say is buy one! equal to the russians i have owned and fired. i don't say this litely, 100% reliability. not just with ball. hollow points and lead bullets function flawlessly!!
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    I have a modest collection of Makarovs. At least one of each from every country that made them, including the Chinese Type 59!!! :nod: I personally like my East Deutsch maks the best. Bulgarian Maks are good, but DDR maks are the best IMHO!!!!!!