East German AK 47

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by MSW, May 28, 2002.

  1. MSW

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    Does anyone know why we haven't seen any East German made AK 47's imported to the U.S. If they are as well made as my Makarov, I sure would like to own one.

  2. Klaus

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    I don't think the East Germans produced semi-auto AKs.

  3. MSW

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    You would have thought someone dealing in arms would have bought the surplus AK's and converted them. I'm sure there's still a lot of these AK's stored away somewhere in government warehouses. But, perhaps they might have been sold off at a huge discount right after the reunification.

  4. florgy

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    The best anyone could have done is to import demilled parts kits. Complete surplus rifles wouldn't be possible because they are all select fire weapons and according to atf 'once a machine gun, always a machine gun'. That third hole makes all the difference. Regards.
  5. nurse

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    I bought 2 barrels with front truions, many years ago, these
    were found on a boat in Kalifornia, torched in half and sold by
    auction for a certain pile, ala BATF. true or not but before Reno hit the internet, things were for sell everywhere.:assult:
  6. Now that Klintoon signed the UN small arms agreement, it would be extremely hard to get any in regardless of whether they were demilled or not.

    The 'once a machine gun' thing is flat not true. While the ATF will tell you it is, but they lost U.S. vs. One FAL Rifle big time. In fact, they got their gluteous maximusses handed to them by the judge (who was in favor of gun control). In this case, a former full auto FAL had be confiscated after it had been permanently modified to shoot only semiauto. The ATF did their normal shenanigans. After the trial, they had to give the rifle back. :D :D