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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Stock Doc, Aug 8, 2002.

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    I will only do this once as it seems tacky but incase you ever want to see the junk { hehehe } Garand stuff I sell, my Ebay name is Rborecky. I do it from time to time and have a good record with no negative feedbacks going on 300.
    I thought since we are not allowed to sell here that you maybe I would be allowed to let folks know my Ebay name and to know Ebay has some honest seller's. Another great seller is Barb King and she is a great source for Garand's stuff. Here handle is BBkings I mention her name as she is a very honest person also. Put either name in Search under sellers name for future reference. Sorry if this post upset anyone but I wont do it again. I just thought maybe a post for the many of us who work our collecting habit this way and are honest along with contributors here may let folks know our screen names for future reference. Anyone else want to give there Ebay name up please do for the good folks who collect here to be able to look you up.
    I would love a For Sale or Want Add board here for parts atleast? Thanks,,Rick B
  2. Barb has been very helpful in my 1943 restoration project, not only with parts, but general advice.

    I don't think, personally, that a GOOD recommendation for a seller is out of order - with all the crooks out there, a recommendation is a good idea!

    Thanks - I'll look you up.

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    Hey Ricky....

    It is I Woj.....up in Michigan.......will be bringing my DuPage stock by sometime in Sept...(I will email ya first!!)

    Still am searching high and low for a HRA Trigger Guard....Scott Duff doesn't currently have one neither does Orion 7..so the search goes on and on.......
  4. I'm guessing you mean StockDoc and not me????!!!!
  5. Stock Doc

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    Yep he meant me Rick. Hey WOJ holler when you get close to stopping out to make sure I will be in town. The OGCA is at the end of September if I remember correctly.
    I am looking for a HRA guard also and if I remember right it has the flat area instead of the rounded between the round guard and the area near pins? Rick B
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    Yep, I meant "Rick-Stock Doc".......Rick, I have a busy Sept. also....so I will probably make arrangements to stop by in Oct.....and if I am busy then (shouldn't be) I will ship the WRA DuPage to ya.......THe Two HRA parts I am looking for for the 5,700,000 HRA are:

    Trigger Guard, Stamped with Stamped Hook

    Bullet Guide, stamped with notch

    I went to the Gibralter Trade show up here in Mt. Clemens Mi this weekend, and it was free becasue beign summer, only half the venders were there...and the guys selling Garand parts were amoung those absent....

    Hope all you guys are well, it has been a different summer....I managed to lose 55 pounds on my diet this year....but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and spent a few days in the hospital in July....all is well now....Jeffro...How ya been? Good hearign from you Ricky...both Ricky's!!!
  7. Hop you're up and better and glad to hear about the new, svelt Woj!