ejections on a .40 4006

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Jon G., Mar 27, 2002.

  1. Jon G.

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    I just picked up an ex-PD .40 4006. Great shape, $300.00 with 3 mags (11 round capacity each). I went to the range, no problems. Next time I went, however, I bought winchester round nose fmjs for target use. Virtually once every full mag, a spent cartridge woudl not eject; it would remain in the chamber, and the slide would drag another cartridge up to it, leading to a jam.

    Everything is cleaned and lubed, and I was wondering what coudl have caused this problem?
  2. Don Williams

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    Jon, I suspect perhaps two possibilties here. Primarily I would suspect that the Winchester ammo you brought the second time were slightly less powerful than what you shot the first time, and as a result, you weren't getting full slide travel, on occasion, so the empty wouldn't hit the ejector and just carried the empty case back with it. A second possibility is a weak extractor spring or miscut extractor hook, but don't that's it because it probably would have shown up on the first trip to the range. I'd try another type of ammo and see if your problem persists.