Election analysis by Texas Overnight Radio

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  1. Texas Overnight Radio had a really interesting analysis of this year's election.

    They stated research into McCain and Obama have led them to believe it will be the 2004 election all over. In 2004 both Bush and Kerry had
    a lot of "anti" feelings toward them. Bush won because he had the fewer
    "anti-Bush" votes helping Kerry while Kerry suffered from more "anti-Kerry" votes helping Bush. Sadly, this election may devolve into the same situation with the "anti" swing votes determining the winner.

    All to point out the tragedy of two major political parties failing to produce a needed leader for America.
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    Its really sad when a person has to vote for someone they don't like just to keep out someone they like even less...

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    Seems likes it's a case of the lesser evil to the country. Why can't a real leader leap to the forefront? Maybe honest, good folks don't like playing the shell games that American politics have devolved into. You look at the ones running, and have to ask, where are our leaders? And I'm sorry to say, it's worse on the liberal side, when they push a crook, and a junior politico to the forefront, and shine 'em up for the greater glorification of the party. And we, naturally, get a liberal type on our side, and don't have any choice at all.
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    I'm sure the "good" politicians, be there any, don't want to step up because they don't want to take this country that's in shambles and try to fix it. We have a war going on, our economy is plunging, and we have a host of other issues that need to be addressed. I think the next president will get a bad name regardless of political association because they're going into it with a lot of problems that are going to take more than one term to fix. Just my opinion.
  5. We need Andrew Jackson or someone very much like him.
  6. To Cyrille

    Actually, I think we need another Thomas Jefferson who broke from the Federalists (elitists) in the election of 1800 to run as a republican
    on the platform goverment should bend to the will of the people.
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    Scotty, the whole group of Democrats didn't offer much of a choice but the Republicans did offer some good candidates but the voters did not elect them so we end up with McCain. Makes you wonder what the voters were thinking. Are our ideas that much out of the mainstream thinking of the majority of voters? If so, that is really scary.
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    It is scary. And don't get me wrong, I have all the respect in the world for John Mccain. But he's too liberal for me. The man sacrificed, and served his country in the best tradition of the Naval Service. I was there, when he was released from captivity with the other POW's, and could see the pain on their faces. It hurts me to see folks here badmouth him, because he is an American Hero. He's just not my choice for President. I'd have taken the Former Ark. Governor, or one or two others, but it doesn't mean I'm going to call Mccain names. It seems like some here are down on him simply because he's a Republican, and they want a Democrat, no matter how bad a choice that might be. Clinton and Obama have made it clear, who they are, and what they stand for. It'll be bad news for us, at G&G, if one of them gets elected. But I try to refrain from namecalling, it doesn't help matters any. But Admiral Mccain, and I'll use his military title, deserves some respect for the service rendered to his country, whether he's too liberal for some, or too conservative for others. I'm about to start staying away from the political threads, because they keep degenerating into namecalling, and badmouthing. And it doesn't help the discussion. At least the registered Democrats have a choice, which is way more than I can say for the conservatives here.
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    Very well said, scotty.

    Lesser of 2 evils, I guess.........the cap n' tap scheme of his (and others) will hurt America if it becomes law. But o's wacky, inexperienced, a "speech maker" and a gun grabber.

    Doesn't speak well for how our democratic process has been working.

    If someone would vote for me, I'd try to fix it.

    But too many skeletons in my checkered past.....
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    I know what you mean,I thought Ron Paul would of been a good choice.
  12. To SeabeeScotty

    I agree McCain has both sacrificed and served. He was honored and should be honored for those facts.

    Yet I am with you in that he simply lacks the qualitites of intellect, personality, communications ability, and leadership we need this year.
  13. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I'd rather choose between McCain and Obama than between Hillary and Rudy.
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    I will go 100% with you on that, T2K!! I am at a loss, and I've read a bunch of both sides right here! I have to go with the lesser of the evils. And Nathangdad, you my friend are talking about a retired rear admiral! No intellect, no communication ability, no leadership ability? I don't, excuse me, I CAN'T understand what you, my friend, are trying to explain to me!!! The man is a decorated flag officer! The only way he was able to get there, was with the very skills you are trying to tell me he lacks! I'm going to say this one time, and one time only! You don't have any idea! I did my time in uniform, and would follow that man thru hell, because he had the right stuff to lead, as a Navy officer. But he is simply too liberal for me. I'm an honest man, and don't have to throw crap at any candidate, especially one who gave so much, and still fail to comprehend why you said what you did. I'd really like to hear an explanation, and will hang around to see what you have to support your conviction that John Mccain is less than the man I believe him to be.
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    You are right,voters picked the bottom of the barrel in the primaries,so now we have scum to vote for.:34:

    He was my choice,but the voters thought otherwise.:drive: Me rowing my little Ford Ranger.
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    Sorry, Rave, but I ain't goin' there, anymore. Sounds kinda like an old song, but I can't hear it anymore. Words of wisdom help, but ugly words just stir the mess. One more time, badmouthing won't solve anything. Mr. Obama doesn't have the experience to run this country, and wants to take our 2nd amendment rights away. Mrs. Clinton doesn't have the experience to run this country, and also wants totake our rights away. Mr. Mccain, at least, served the country, and retired a rear admiral. He's served in the senate for twenty-six years. But the man is too liberal for me! I didn't have to call anyone names, in order to get my point across....