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    Here in Aus we are getting heaps of vision about your pre election thingy happening aver there.

    But what we are seeing is Hillary v Obama and they are always putting each other down.

    From an outside view this seems weird, because once one battle is over either the hillary supporters will have to go over to the once hated obama or vice versa.

    But i think it will backfire and hillary voters wont vote for obama and obama voters wont vote for hillary so neither will win.

    I know our media isnt showing us all what you see so is my assessment anywhere near fair?
  2. Hard to tell, No one really understands what these two demoncrates are doing to each other or why. I beleive the concensus on this forum is that the Demoncratic party is destroying itself. And that it will hopefully disappear.

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    If the voters don't vote because their candidate didn't win the nomination then the Republicans will win.

  4. just curious, are any foreigners sick of this pre election crap yet?

    I know i am, and have been so for months.
  5. i remember reading something that actually said that I don't know where it was from or anything and i forget the percentage but i think by the time november rolls around they will be singing a different tune
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    I'm certainly tired of this crap. It makes me wish that every primary was on the same day.
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    the real problem

    In our nation these days you have 2 groups fighting for top victimhood,"if this is a real word?" people of color and women that is why the demorat party is in such a huff these days.each group believes they are deserving of the title over the other do to the long history of oppression from the evil white man????do I believe in all this BS? NO! but some in this country have become very wealthy for playing the gender and race card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as the most reverend wright put it the chickens are indeed coming home to roost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. They just can't decide whether Socialism or Fascism would be best for us, just a disagreement between two commies. They only agree about gun control. Nothing to fret about. They'll be gone soon.
    Dr. Paul is looking better and better.
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    indeed deersniper sooner the better