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  1. I don't think too many people on this forum have any idea on the ideology of politicians. No matter what their party affiliationm is, the politics will not change. Everyone thinks things will be better when the Republicans take over the house. During the Bush-Cheney era I remember people calling for their impeachment. Now people want the Republicans back in office. Do you all see the trend that has and will continue forever?

    Remember the words of Jesse Ventura. He said politics are very similar to wrestling. In public view the Dems and the Reps are sworn enemies. However. behind closed doors they are good friends and work together on most issues.

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    My voting strategy is this . Remove incumbents. vote for constitutional conservatist. any who show a record of poor voting for much of the contemptable b.s. that has been coming down the pipe has got to go. My horse may not win but at least I can say I tried to get the best person for the job. I dont care if its a democrat , repulican, libritarian, or independent if you are not a incumbent and fit as a constitutional conservatist you may earn my vote.

  3. Well,

    each July 4th I send a cash donation to the Libertarian Party and I encourage others to support Libertarianism.

    The Dems have an incredible political asset in the comatose Republican National Committee.
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    I found out something interesting. I got an emailed list of those who voted to give illegals social security benefits. Having thought I researched my candidate pretty well, I now find he voted in favor of it. WTF. I will research it more thoroughly and make sure it is true, then send him an email asking him what the hell was he thinking. I am talking about Sam Brownback, conservative republican, who advertised against illegals and amnesty. If you give illegals social security, then that pretty well makes them want to stay.

    And, it pretty well pisses me off after I paid into this fund all these years to find out I probably won't get my money back.
  5. Hi BunnyWabbit

    Yep, there is something really unAmerican about giving social security benefits to illegals while reducing social security benefits to those who have been working citizens their entire lives.
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    I don't believe in career politicians.
    I want statesmen!
    Someone, who gets elected to office, by the people.
    And Works for, those who elected them.
    Knows, respects, & understands, the Constitution.
    Does his job honestly, morally, then goes back to civilian life.

    It is absurd, that someone can fill a vacancy.
    Serve as a Representative, or Congressman.
    For a partial term, and never get elected.
    Yet they get a full retirement, medical etc.
    And when they die, there spouse will continue to get it till their death.

    Personally, I don't like it.
    When ANY one part,y has complete control.
    As it leads to greed, gluttony and bad news.

    I feel Dems. & Reps. NEED, to be able to work together.
    At least to meet the requirements, of running the government.
    As they work for the common AMERICAN citizen.
    Not just a party line voter.
    This partisan B.S. is killing this country.

    If you and your constituents, firmly believe in something.
    Stick to your guns on it.
    I have far more respect for someone,
    Who stands-by, what they think is morally right.
    Then someone who blows smoke, then cowers down.
    And gives in, due to a district payoff, bribe or attaboy.
    Don't play the Libertarian method.
    And sit, with your thumb up your butt.
    Waiting, to see which way the chips are gonna fall.
    Then give your feel good vote, in that direction.

    I am fed up with BOTH parties.
    But will still back more Republicans.
    Then any other party.
    Until I see the day, when I see a new party emerge.
    That honestly follows, OUR morals & Constitution!
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    I think we might do well to vote out all incumbents and vote in all new Republicans,perhaps the new crew won't make the same errors that all the old incumbents did,regardless of party.:usa2:
  8. I'm with ya! I say vote them ALL out. Lets send washington a message that they will LISTEN to the will of the people, or they will join the rolls of the unemployed. Period.
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    We have to have term limits and eliminate retirement for politicians. Eliminate politics as a career and you eliminate the majority of the lawyers in public office who have been trained since Day One to look for loopholes in the law by largely liberal/socialist universities.
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    We have to hit these guys where it hurts, in their pockets. Term limits are fine, but one term is all they need to get the awesome health care plan and paycheck for life. They should all take a giant pay cut. They are on vacation most of the year and don't listen to the majority when they vote, and they don't even read the bills they vote on. Make them sit in cubicles, not fancy offices with imported carpet. They should take public transportation, not limo's and private jets. They should have to put into SSI and draw from it when they retire, like us. They should be punished when they can't pass a budget on time, and be held completley accountable for ALL their actions. If there is a way we can do that, let me know I will lead the way.