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Empire Arms Mauser Pics

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I guess it is better late than never as they say, I finally found the pics of my ce 41 (Sauer & Son) and I finished up some pics of my dou 42 that I got from Dennis at Empire Arms. Unfortunately I did not take before pictures of the Sauer & son, when I first got it the shellac was very flaky and it did not take much to have it come off in your hands. I could have probably just used #000 steel wool but I used some Fomsby Furniture re-finisher and # 0000 & #000 steel wool to remove the shellac. Once done I applied about 4 coats of Tung oil, using the steel wool in between each coat to knock off some of the shine, once finished I buffed her up. Here is a pic of her when finished.


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Nice! Lets get that weed whacker out and trim around them stairs...mmmkay? ;)
I still gotta redo the stock on my M38 Mosin...think I'll follow your directions...wood came out nice! :right:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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