empirearms m91/30's??

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by dodge, May 4, 2002.

  1. dodge

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    I see that on www.empirearms.com thay have mosin m91/30 rifles for $40, in good condition, all are ww2 dated but missing cleaning rods, but thay can be shot if headspace where checked first, anyway I was wondering if anyone else has had and experince with these m91/30's from empire arms, are thay about what thy say thay are?? I dont really want to spend 130(about 160$ after FFL and shiping) for a re-furb from wholesale, I just want a cheap m91/30, ever since I had my 1942 izzy m91/30 and found out that the VERY pited barrel is very un-accurite(5 inch groups at 50 yards, and it wasent me or the ammo) ohh well I only paid $25 for it at a gunshow, I keep it for parts. thanks for anyhelp.
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    From what I hear on the other boards, Dennis at Empire, IS ONE OF THE BEST PEOPLE ON THE NET TO DEAL WITH!
    I plan on buying from him as soon as my c&r shows up.

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    sounds good,if you have one in your area,you might also want to look at big 5 sporting goods.almost bought a pristine 91/30 from one in abilene,tx for 49.95 but didn't like salesman's attitude and walked.bought one at pawnshop for same price,but about half the gun ,as one at big 5 had hex recvr. w/98% bluing and good wood-am thinking about checking into to local insane asylum! wholesale g&a is selling 91/30's w/cracked stocks or h-guards 3 for 109.99 right now,too.