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    mauser868: Sir; the power of war

    remained there for over an hour.

    Opel staff car. Photo: Lynn F/ CC by 2.0
    At around midday, the fighting became less intense, allowing American infantrymen to cross the Ringstrasse. When they arrive at the Opel, they found a young woman, still alive, but only just. She was treated at the scene by American medics and taken away on a stretcher.

    From inside their tanks, both Smoyer and his counterpart in the German tank could see what was happening. Neither wanted to believe that they were responsible for the death of a civilian woman.

    Over the decades that followed, neither man would discuss the events of that morning in Cologne.

    Smoyer went on to be hailed as a Hero of Cologne for destroying a Nazi Panther tank on the steps of Cologne Cathedral. The Panther was described as a “monster” tank. Its gun was so powerful that it could blow a hole right through one US tank and take out the tank directly behind it as well.
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