Enfield 1911 Sht. L.E.

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  1. Please help with the history of this rifle.

    It is stamped under the bolt handle:
    Sht L.E.
    Stamped under the safety:
    P (large)
    410 (crossed out)

    The rear handgard has a half-circle cut out of it on the top of the barrel where it joins the receiver and what looks like a poorly stamped "P" stamped on the barrel (although it could be an "F".)

    On the right side of the butt stock is a circle with ISA with an arrow over, stamped in the circle.

    There are numerous stampings under the forestock that are not legible except for a KA over a B with a line between. There is a U on the bolt head.

    It doesn't say No.1 Mk III but I assume that is what it is, made in the Enfield in 1911 and refurbished in 1942. The crossed out 410 suggests to me that it may have served as a 410 shotgun before being rebarreled in 1942.

    Am I guessing anything correctly so far? What does the P on the barrel and butt stock socket mean, and what do the letters RFI stand for? How about the U on the boly head?
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    can we see a pic or three

  3. I'd say your guess is on the money .
    Sounds like a 1911 Mklll RSAF Enfield , that has been factory repaired at Ishapore Rifle Factory ,India .
    RFI is for either Royal Forces (or Factory ?) India .
    The P , on the barrel knox . is for replacement barrel.
    ISA is India's post independence stamp.
    Is there any evidence of 2 crossed lines over the P thats on the buttsocket ?
    I don't recall what the bolthead stamps are...
    One thing fersure , this rifle speaks with a helluva lot of history !
    X 2 for picts...:burnout:
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  4. I thought RFI was Royal Factory Ishapore. The U on the bolt head stands for difference in specifications, which is a configuration/condition marking. May have been marked there if it was converted to 410. Also.... pics.
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  5. Thanks for the input. What is ISA? I assume the I is for Ishapore. Give me detailed instructions and I'll try to post some pictures. I'm not too good with computers. Meanwhile, I'll get out the camera (I'm not very good with it either).