Enfield .22 trainer

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by roadie, May 25, 2008.

  1. roadie

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    I have seen one of these listed on gunbroker several times...what are they worth? I am guessing that knowone has met his reserve price since I have seen and been high bidder on it 3 times. Comments?
  2. Major Grunt

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    I paid $400 for my .22 that was in original condition and modified by Parker Hale which was supposedly one of only about 1600 weapons. The bore was in very good condition and the wood was not oily but it was rather heavily dented. The front sight was off set to the right and popularly compensated for the trajectory. I think the value for any weapon has too many variables to be precise. I was willing to pay what I paid because I wanted a .22 trainer in my collection and finding one I could personally examine was extremely rare.

  3. About 15 years ago I bought 2 for a song. All most new. But that doesn't count now. Still have them.

  4. roadie

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    I just got an email from the seller, he says he asking $900, too rich for my blood, but it'd be nice.
  5. You might find a barrel and bolt insert for a regular 303 rifle. I have one for a Enfield and one for a Mauser.

  6. SwedeSteve

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    That would be a lot of fun !!
  7. $900 for a .22 trainer? I think not. Thats way overpriced unless there is documented proof as to anything special about it like numbers production and such.