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Discussion in 'Enfield Rifles' started by PONTIACDM, May 3, 2008.


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    I just wanted to let all the Enfield guys know about this if no one else has posted it yet. 308 Enfields for $179.00!!! Getting mine on Monday.
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    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. dkp9782

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    thats what I paid for mine 3 years ago! cool! mine's a 65, in next to new condition. Love it! just don't use 308 ammo in it. Too high pressure, uses 7.62 nato, sure you've heard all this before! a 150 grain Hornady spire point boat-tail, 40.0 grains h4895, and a cci 200 primer in Lake City (LC91) brass, equals one ragged hole at 50 yards!
  4. Romey

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    Id like to hear a unbiased report when you get yours.
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    I wanted to add, the pressure isnt really as much of a issue, though there is a differance but the headspacing between the 2 are different as well as Mil Spec brass is thicker and that is the major problem. Though 12,000 psi is a huge differance.
  6. It's stamped 7.62mm on mine , not .308 .:09:
  7. The pressure is the difference mate.I wouldnt use 308 through one myself.I have used 7.62 millitary brass through 308 before.Only thing i had to do was remove the primer crimp full length size it and make a start load.

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    Paid $100 for mine...sold it for $200...didn't like it...
  9. Got Mine for $78.00. Shot around 2500 rounds of .308 through it so far. Never shot any 7.62 through it. Probably never will.
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    The difference is CIP(European)and SAAMI(American)standards.There is no pressure problem between 7.62x51mm nato and American fanufactured ammo.The difference is in chamber standards.A minimum reading on a CIP chamber may be larger than a maximum reading on a SAAMI chamber and cause headspace problems for SAAMI spec ammo in CIP chambers that can rupture american casings used in European chambers.Often European ammo is difficult or imposible to chamber in American MFG chambers because of the smaller American chambers. sam.

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    Well it seems that I'm going to have to wait on this gun. I was driving past a Yamaha dealer over the week end and stopped in. I came out with a used dual sport bike. I justified the purchase with the 75 miles per gallon rating. So, if someone buys a Enfiield 308 from Aims let me know the condition it was in. Thanks